Some of you may have read that I set myself a goal this year to ‘turn the clock back 20 years’ and run a sub 4min km pace for the Bridge to Brisbane. When I was 27, I ran the City to Surf in Sydney in better than 4min per k pace. The Bridge to Brissie is a far easier run and so I thought I was not biting off more than I could chew when I made that bold target. Well as it turns out the clock got kind of stuck!

The good news is that firstly I managed to do the run, which looked highly unlikely on Wednesday when I strained a calf muscle (thanks to Body Perceptions Physio, Aspro and some serious taping for getting me to the start line). The second bit of good news was that I did end doing my best time for this particular run AND I didn’t have a heart attack. Two guys went down in Perth on their equivalent run on Saturday so definitely good news from that perspective! I am in the right age bracket for that sort of thing but yeah probably a lower risk thankfully due to my job!

Bridge to Brissie 2013

So I ended up 2 mins 28s short of the goal. Do I view that as failure? In one sense yes I guess, but in another definitely not.  The true purpose of these sort of targets is the ability to drive action and from that perspective it was a massive win. I know there were a number of you who went in the run. I say well done to one and all. In this photo was a guy I just chatted with at the end who had a great story. He told me he lost 25 kg over the past 8 months. He had stopped drinking, started eating better and of course did some running. I think these community events are great catalysts for getting people moving. Why not set yourself a goal heading in to the latter part of the year? Wouldn’t it be great to think that you could be sitting at Christmas lunch with your family looking back at some consistent work on your health, be it in endurance training, strength training, an improved diet or all three? You have the power to change and if you understand the magic of goals and holding yourself accountable, well you will know that anything is possible! Even if you don’t succeed completely in achieving the outcome you set, the process will be something that creates a whole lot of positives.


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