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The Wheel of Life

The wheel of life goes round and round. How smooth is your wheel and how close to the edge are you? Health & Fitness is the stand out priority no matter how wonky your wheel might look. Literally everything hinges on it. Let’s take a look and put that little assertion to the test.  Career & Work. I hear this one a A LOT! “I have no time for exercise because I am working so hard to forward my career and build a future for my family, so my job is my main focus for now. When I get on top of this then I will spend more time with my family, and then get to looking after myself”. How much time do you think you have in this life? It’s a no brainer that you will perform better when you are healthy and fit, and your family will want to spend time with you when you have the energy to give. Cart before the horse and all that!  Also, let’s get one thing straight. No one ever said on their deathbed, “gee I wish I spent more time at work”. So if your career and work are getting on top of you (and you will know this by the stress you feel) carve out some “me”  time now, because the investment reaps dividends every time. Even if you think it won’t… Trust me I am a personal trainer 🙂  “Me” time by the way is not getting to the pub and downing 6 schooners at lunch. I worked in a fitness […]

Some useful apps and websites

I have used mynetdiary to track my food and exercise in the perfect month back in July. It was ultra convenient and quick to know what calorie balance I was at, at any time. It was the key reasons I was able to lose at least 2 kg of body fat. I have recently signed up for mapmyfitness which has some great systems for tracking any exercise but seems particularly good for running. It looks like it has a great nutrition aspect to it as well but I haven’t got in to that yet. Apparently the Nike plus for the Ipod is pretty amazing too for runners or walkers. In short, there are many amazing free tools for tracking, measuring and motivating. If you are not using anything and are having trouble getting results, check these out. We use a system with clients when we are coaching seriously for fat loss. It is called nutrition complete. It is a place to plan your weekly eating, print out your meal plans and shopping list. It is even a place to observe your energy balance (where the rubber meets the road in terms of fat loss results), by calculating energy expended by your weekly exercise and energy in, from the foods consumed. It takes this kind of focus for a lot of people to get on target. Check it out. If you are an existing client, ask about your free 4 week trial of this system. I will even help you get set up with a one on one half hour orientation. […]