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Sweat gym, a new website

Okay, the website is up and running. Sweatgym.com.au Memberships on sale next Monday, October 3 Open dayon October 16, where we will draw the winner of the 12 month free membership to gym and swim worth over $1000. If you haven’t entered then look out for the box at the pool on the desk. It looks like this – Gym operational from October 17. If you are an existing client then you get a special deal and you will have to call me to find out more. Get ready for convenience, get ready for new equipment, get ready to  fitting in more exercise at your favourite pool and yes, get ready to Sweat!

Gym update

Sweat, a best practice gym is coming together. See the attached document for the proposed layout (ish)! REVISED FLOOR PLAN (1 Page) Just remember 150 memberships only. I am confident we will sell these fast. This is really for 3 types of people. Existing clients like you who want to slot in some extra training on your own to accelerate progress Clients who have become truly independent in this ‘fitness is a habit’ thing, i.e. don’t need us, if that is actually possible?? 🙂 Business people and residents who live close by and really like the idea of swimming and gyming in the same place Anticipated opening is still October. Let me know if you want me to put your name down as ‘interested’ below. Or reserve your spot now by calling me at the studio. There is a special corporate offering too if you work for a company in the local area. Ask me about that if that is relevant to you.