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The power of the orange men

At Best Practice, we are big on behaviour change and we like to use every little psychological trick in the book to achieve it. When it comes to the best tricks, I look at how games are designed and then use the addictive nature of such ingenious methodology to mould the action of clients towards the ‘good’ habits, as opposed to the numerous bad ones we form, seemingly without even trying. And you know what, I think that last point is key – ‘without even trying’. When I finish a workout now, I almost can’t wait to tick the box in our systems that says, in graphical form, “hey you got something done pal”. My little calendar, which is easily accessible on my smart phone displays a little orange man on the day when ever I have completed a workout. As simple as that is, the accumulation of little men means I know at a glance that I am active in that week, and I will do almost anything to make sure I can tick the box that means I get a little icon to show up. I guess another big reason this works is because ‘being active’ is one of my KPI’s for a good life and like anyone, I want a good life. We use this method with our clients and members because it is easier to drive new behaviour with the simple rather than the complex. You should give it a go. Even a simple walk get’s you a tick and an orange man. Our two group […]

Psycho cybernetics

Interesting name for a book don’t you think? The power of the mind has always fascinated me. I might have mentioned this book once before but I was reading it again on the weekend and it got me thinking. The author was talking how its so important to ‘blow off steam’ for mental health. It happens in nature in many ways and it something we absolutely need to do to keep on an even keel. But how many of us do it? The author referred to different strategies to achieve a calming effect from metaphorically going to your happy place in your mind. I think this is a great tactic but something that is often forgotten about is the therapeutic nature of blowing of steam, through exercise. A client was mentioning the other day a study that was showing how beneficial strength training was for dementia. I can guarantee you that there so many other ailments, especially depression that will be relieved or even prevented by good old fashioned sweating it out, that if more people did it, pharmaceuticals wouldn’t be the mega profitable business that it is. I know exercise has made a huge difference to my temperament throughout my life, I encourage you to dip your toe in the water to see how it helps you manage stress. The ‘side effects’ of this wonder drug may just end up making your doctor and your chemist redundant.

Male, over 50? You should read this!

There are a few resources that I have come across in my time in this industry that I trust and use myself. Tom Venuto and his famous ‘burn the fat, feed the muscle’ information is the absolute real deal when it comes to the truth around changing not only your body but your life. I put him in the same category as John Beradi and Precision Nutrition which we also use. So if you are over 5o and a bloke (and you don’t have time to see us), then do yourself a favour and get inspired. Whether you end up using his information directly by yourself or you put your hand up and come to us, it will be a win in my book. Your life, your decision on how to change it. You just need to do it!! Just a quick note again on the ‘american-ness’ of this link. Don’t be distracted by things that do look cheesy. I don’t know, may be this is needed in the US for any marketing that goes out but if you can cut through any preconceived notions of that kind of stuff you will be rewarded with high quality information. I have read both of Tom Venuto’s books, “Burn the fat, feed the muscle” which is the biggest selling fitness E-book in the history of such things. The other book he wrote called ‘The body fat solution’ is an easier read but no less useful. If body change is your goal and you want to get cracking yourself then you must read […]

Need help with motivation to exercise?

Here are 10 tips to help you get it happening now. I really like number 6. After all, if you don’t it fun you won’t do it long term. But understand that the body has been designed to do physical work and that putting in effort will feel uncomfortable at times. You just need to keep in mind that the pay off can be huge – A life on the couch watching the world go by or out there and in to it, creating active experiences to remember with a body that you can be proud of?

More evidence for strength training – diabetes prevention

In a world of information bytes and snippets of this and flashes of that,   read this abstract. Yes it is scientific but it is from a source slightly higher up the scale than your average news stand mag so let this sink in!

Bootcamp is a waste of time?

I have always said, ‘doing something is better than nothing’ but if your goal is to lose body fat and ‘tone’ up (toning is a bit of a non word in my opinion – ask me personally if you want more of an explanation) then group fitness, bootcamp or what ever you like to call it is a waste of time –  if you don’t address your diet. This is why I am putting together a group fitness and nutrition coaching program starting on October 22. It may be for you or someone you know because most people fall down badly in this area and waste so much of their hard work by not getting it right. Whilst it really is rather simple, it is not necessarily easy which is why it might be beneficial to work with the support of a group. Check out this ground breaking program. By the time we start the program it will be about 8 weeks to Christmas….just saying!

We will try anything!

It seems tacky in some ways but putting cold hard cash up for grabs in an attempt to get people moving and eating well, as we run in to Christmas is not something I am above doing! How does a grand sound? Am I being stupid? Probably but I will try anything to put a motivated bunch together. If what I am doing stimulates action (that otherwise may never have happened) and that action leads to new life habits, then it is genius because I love seeing results and there is nothing better than a group with a common goal spurring each on. It is after all the reason we do what we do. Think Drive theory, Daniel Pink. Good read that. it will explain some things you may have wondered about in regards to motivation. In the mean time check out our new program. Starts  October 22. Info night October 15. 16 seriously ready to change soon to be legends need only apply! 🙂 Is that you? Body Balance Challenge 2012

Awesome little tracker

I have always been a big advocate of tracking and recording what you do. It has been shown time and again that when someone records they get results. This little tool is something which is seriously worth a look. When you use it in combination with map my fitness you have something that will keep you on track and motivated to do more! Let me know if you get it and how it goes. I expect to have mine soon!

Exercise is medicine!

In my  mind, this is blindingly obvious but at last a movement that is pushing it. This has come from the very prestigious ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine). These guys aren’t dumb and it surprises me how many people don’t and have never listened to this simple message. Would you rather take a handful artificially manufactured stuff like blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol and anxiety lowering medications or make exercise a part of your life and never go near it. The biggest side effect of exercise is that you just might look and feel better. Your choice!