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Killing the carb myth

If you are after the truth then you will know that we are almost fanatically driven to provide it. There is so much misinformation out there it is frightening how easily even a relatively educated person in fitness can get it so wrong. I have been mentioning ‘metabolic precision’ and the system that I will be studying over the coming months. It provides more support for what I studied at university and what I have learned in the real world since. Here is a link to QUALITY information. In a world where personal trainers are popping up all over the place after an 8 week course you can depend on what we do. Check this article out and let me know what you think.

If you don’t know this cutting edge information you WILL not be getting the results you want!

I went to a conference on the weekend and listened to an expert in nutrition. Now I am not talking about some self proclaimed guru with outlandish claims of instant results from an obscure plant source or some such rubbish but a legitimate scientific researcher with real knowledge from years of practical experience, years of his own research and years of study in to literally hundreds of other scientifically and heavily scrutinised work in nutrition. So bottom line is, you can listen to what he says. He reminded me of something which we all intuitively know but need to be reminded of occasionally. Magazines like Mens Health and New Idea etc. are motivated primarily by sales and nothing else, so good stories get reported not scientific research. Okay, so what is it that is so important? Nutrient timing. It is WHEN you eat which is way more critical for muscle building and fat loss than WHAT you eat. Research is telling us there is a special ‘window of opportunity’ for making fantastic gains in fat loss and muscle building. It is also a time when you can get away with some things you won’t get away if you don’t exercise. So if you don’t exercise you don’t ever get a window. This is not to say that you can eat what you want at this time but certainly higher energy carbohydrates and faster absorbing protein is recommended at this time. So what is the window? About half an hour before to about 3 hours after your sessions. In fact research […]

Find your why

I saw a rerun of the Adam Sandler ‘comedy’ CLICK on the weekend. Whilst it has some  funny and entertaining moments it is, in my opinion a serious movie about the very meaning of life. For those of you who don’t know it, it is about a guy who is given a very special remote control that has the ability to freeze, slow down, speed up or completely jump various parts of his life that he doesn’t really enjoy. In the parts of his life that he jumps his body is there and participates but his mind is elsewhere. The real problem is that the remote control begins to learn his ‘preferences’ for jumping the boring stuff and starts doing it automatically. He begins to miss whole chunks of his life and having become so focussed on progressing in his career, he loses any meaningful relationship with his wife and children. It is an incredibly sad story because it reflects what can and does happen often when priorities get messed up.  This was a Hollywood movie so he got a second chance. But real life isn’t like that if you didn’t already know. As my friend Eminem says, ‘you’ve got just one shot’ So how does this relate to Best Practice and what we do? Well, we are here for when people finally get it, that the main priority in their life has to be their own health because they can be nothing to anybody with out it including their career but more importantly their family. Our most dedicated client […]