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Some amazingly healthy food options

A lot of you know we use Precision Nutrition as our ‘system’ for getting clients in to healthy eating and all the good stuff that goes with that. Here are some fantastic recipes that you can try at home.

Need help with motivation to exercise?

Here are 10 tips to help you get it happening now. I really like number 6. After all, if you don’t it fun you won’t do it long term. But understand that the body has been designed to do physical work and that putting in effort will feel uncomfortable at times. You just need to keep in mind that the pay off can be huge – A life on the couch watching the world go by or out there and in to it, creating active experiences to remember with a body that you can be proud of?

Still confused about protein?

I wouldn’t blame you. When you see respected organisations like Nutrition Australia publishing information like this and then just as respected researchers publishing stuff like this, with diametrically opposed conclusions about high protein intake, it is easy to see why people are not quite sure what to do.  I always use the filter of relying on where most research is at and…. then applying logic, common real world results and what I notice around me. There can be no doubt that the food pyramid of old proclaiming the importance (and ultimately confusion) of 11 serves of grains and cereals as the base of a healthy diet has been a spectacular failure. See the new improved (but still not perfect) one here! Low fat has led to high sugar and unprecedented levels of obesity. So let’s safely assume that a diet high in saturated fat and simple carbohydrate is CLEARLY not the way to go. Let’s also assume that a diet high in the properties that nature gave it (the closer to it’s raw form the better) is also a good strategy. There is obviously a lot more to this debate but apply your common sense to your actions  and you will do well. There is enough of the right information out there and sometimes results in the practical world are way ahead of the slow moving wheels of research and even in the hallowed world of academia, myths can be perpetuated or skewed to favour the dominant theories of recent past because let’s face it no one really likes change […]

A bunch of tasty healthy recipes. Enjoy!

If you search hard enough and know where to look sometimes you come across great resources. This one will help you. That is, if eating better and getting the utmost out of your big efforts in and out of the gym is a priority for you. And I think it is!! http://www.precisionnutrition.com/favorite-gourmet-nutrition-recipes

Exercise as medicine

Personal training has come a long way but perhaps still has a ways to go before ‘practitioners’ are held in the same regard as doctors. More and more research is showing that exercise plays such a vital role in health that the day where it is ‘prescribed’ just like a pill to treat an array of ailments is not far away. If this surprises anyone I can only say, DERRRRRR! Some of us trainer types with more muscles than brains have known this one for years from just ‘doing it’. Check out this study done by the prestigous Texas University on the effects of exercise in the treatment of depression. It’s an interesting read.

If you don’t know this cutting edge information you WILL not be getting the results you want!

I went to a conference on the weekend and listened to an expert in nutrition. Now I am not talking about some self proclaimed guru with outlandish claims of instant results from an obscure plant source or some such rubbish but a legitimate scientific researcher with real knowledge from years of practical experience, years of his own research and years of study in to literally hundreds of other scientifically and heavily scrutinised work in nutrition. So bottom line is, you can listen to what he says. He reminded me of something which we all intuitively know but need to be reminded of occasionally. Magazines like Mens Health and New Idea etc. are motivated primarily by sales and nothing else, so good stories get reported not scientific research. Okay, so what is it that is so important? Nutrient timing. It is WHEN you eat which is way more critical for muscle building and fat loss than WHAT you eat. Research is telling us there is a special ‘window of opportunity’ for making fantastic gains in fat loss and muscle building. It is also a time when you can get away with some things you won’t get away if you don’t exercise. So if you don’t exercise you don’t ever get a window. This is not to say that you can eat what you want at this time but certainly higher energy carbohydrates and faster absorbing protein is recommended at this time. So what is the window? About half an hour before to about 3 hours after your sessions. In fact research […]

I found an awesome breakfast cereal

This perfect month thing has made me search for ways to be healthy but time efficient. Probably something all of us are looking for. I found a breakfast cereal in a health food store, but it might be available in other places. It is called Protein 1st. Check it out. It is high in protein, the highest I have seen in a cereal, high in fibre, highest I have seen, high in healthy fats and tastes really good. I added about 20 grams of an LSA mix which only added more healthy fats and fibre to it. Throw in some lactose free milk called Zymil and you have what I think is a pretty impressive breakfast. It would be even better with some chopped banana and maybe some blueberries.  This increases the carbohydrate content but don’t be scared of ‘carbs’ like these!