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Move…. use it or lose it.

The third aspect of a complete program besides thinking and eating, is moving. It is like the third leg of a 3 legged stool. You will not get what you are looking for with out it. This is my main gripe with the so called weight loss industry. They seem to address the eating side quite well (some of them at least) but neglect the critical elements of ‘forming the habit’ and teaching the importance of movement. If we are talking ideal world and ‘best practice’, we need to consider the hierarchy of priority when it comes to movement. It is fine to bang on about how good Cross Fit,  for example, might be [and when done well I have no doubt it is] but you must consider your starting point and how you might need to build to more and more challenging forms from a simple base. The best place to start is with an assessment of where you are at. This is a place though where there is a potential to get bogged down. Let’s flag any major risk factors, deal with those the best we can and then go about making progress. In a general sense, a great place to start is with the core. Learn how to control your centre and you reduce risk of injury straight away. We believe Pilates, yoga and specific exercises aimed at this aspect are great first steps. Secondly, there is a priority when it comes to cardiovascular function. It is the engine that dictates the length and quality of your […]

A New Year….

Happy new year to you all! I am guessing it is back to work for many and most likely a post holiday let down but here is what I do to combat that. I grab a big calendar and first mark all holidays on it. There is nothing better than putting the thought of the next holiday adventure right to the forefront of your mind before any potential let down takes hold. Next I put in all major community fitness events we as a business (and myself as an individual)  are going in because being active (obviously!) is something important to us (and me). I may have mentioned these to you already but here’s a reminder.Let me know if you are going to join us this year in any of these. Sunday March 24 – The Mount Coot-tha cycling challenge. Saturday May 4 – The Gold Coast BRW corporate triathlon event Sunday June 23 – The Brisbane to Bay bike ride (may be kick bike for us?) Sunday Sept 1 – Bridge to Brisbane 10 km run Sunday October 7 (ish, TBC) – Brisbane to Gold Coast 100km cycling event After this I write down some outcome goals at the bottom of the calendar. These are things I would like to achieve by years end but knowing that it will be the successful application of certain behaviours that are going to give me the chance to get there. One big goal I have decided on for this year and it is one I would love you to be involved in […]

The perfect training program? No really, this time!

I have said before that the best training program in the world is…. the one you actually do. I still strongly believe this,  because doing something will always be better than doing nothing and you will be better off than 90% of the population. But how about answering the question for those who already are in a habit and are not getting the results they want? What about you? Well in my pursuit of trying to do this job better I have learned some great things about nutrition lately as you may have already read in recent blogs. But I have also found out some interesting things about program design that will improve the way I do things when I train and also the way I will program others for strength and cardio training and it is good news. Put your hand up if you like spending hours in a gym on a treadmill or a bike pounding it out trying to eke out more calories, to ‘pay’ for that beer or that cake you had on the weekend? There may be some relaxation value in that (and certainly some evidence of determingation) but not much else. Sure, again better than doing nothing but most of us exercise for a reason and it is usually to have some good looking muscle or ‘tone’ and to be functionally useful, both from a strength and a cardio perspective. Check this out now –  The ultimate way to train!, it makes sense on a lot of levels, the least of which is the […]

Sweat gym, a new website

Okay, the website is up and running. Memberships on sale next Monday, October 3 Open dayon October 16, where we will draw the winner of the 12 month free membership to gym and swim worth over $1000. If you haven’t entered then look out for the box at the pool on the desk. It looks like this – Gym operational from October 17. If you are an existing client then you get a special deal and you will have to call me to find out more. Get ready for convenience, get ready for new equipment, get ready to  fitting in more exercise at your favourite pool and yes, get ready to Sweat!

Sweat is getting closer!

Very special offer for those who like to take action! Just on another note and before I forget. Not sure if you have heard my ‘caller tone’ lately.  Think Snoop Doggy Dog and something very appropriate to our new gym. You will have to call me and hope I don’t answer straight away! Anticipated opening October 8

Gym update

Sweat, a best practice gym is coming together. See the attached document for the proposed layout (ish)! REVISED FLOOR PLAN (1 Page) Just remember 150 memberships only. I am confident we will sell these fast. This is really for 3 types of people. Existing clients like you who want to slot in some extra training on your own to accelerate progress Clients who have become truly independent in this ‘fitness is a habit’ thing, i.e. don’t need us, if that is actually possible?? 🙂 Business people and residents who live close by and really like the idea of swimming and gyming in the same place Anticipated opening is still October. Let me know if you want me to put your name down as ‘interested’ below. Or reserve your spot now by calling me at the studio. There is a special corporate offering too if you work for a company in the local area. Ask me about that if that is relevant to you.