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Lessons and illusions of the biggest loser

I have never really watched the biggest loser but I have started watching this season. Man is it good television! But I am not quite sure how they get away with some of the things they do and some of the things they say. I do acknowledge that there is a lot of ‘theatrics’ going on here which is not necessarily best practice training methodology but certainly part of ‘watchable television’ 101. Let’s start with what I like. Before starting their ‘weigh loss journey’ (more on this misnomer later). They got all them to jump off a 10 m cliff in to the water which was a great exercise in overcoming fear and pushing yourself to do what you think you can’t, both really good metaphorical lessons in what needs to happen when undertaking such a massive project. Just as an aside: Let me just say I have nothing but respect for these people who take this on. They have everything going against them – genetics, environment, social conditioning and usually, a massively negative attitude seriously ingrained over time. Make no mistake, getting past all these things to turn their lives around will take nothing less than olympic level dedication and determination. The only difference I see between these people and Olympic athletes is, natural talent and ability. The effort and the pain to achieve great things is no different regardless of whether you are buff or not. Now for what I don’t like. The head trainer Shannan was berating one of the members for only doing 10 minutes of […]

Yeah I exercise, I do wiifit!

I believe the future of exercise will revolve around so called ‘exergaming’, combining exercise with games online. Imagine racing your mate in the US on a virtual 5K cross country running course with you wired up for both heart rate and movement analysis. This sort of thing is possible right now, but let’s have a bit of a look at what a lot of people are  using as a substitute for standard exercise. The wii. I must admit to a raised eyebrow when someone tells me about how much they exercise with the wii. Maybe I am missing something but the few games I played on it don’t really cut it as ‘exercise’ in my book. Here is a pretty in depth look at both the pros and the cons. I really like the last line of this paper because it is one I have heard and agree with. I just think too, that if you are going to do something do it well!

The Tour De France and our friend computrainer

I have been looking at some stats to try and get a better understanding of how good the riders are. If you currently train on our computrainer you can now get a very good glimpse of what these guys do. The computrainer has very many courses, in fact we have a lot of the stages of the tour that you could actually ride and experience for yourself. But before you go and do that let me try and paint the picture of pain that these guys go through. The Alpe D’huez stage is famous for its tortuous finish. It is said to be anywhere between 13.8 and 14 (ish) kilometres straight up, an average grade (depending on who you read) of 6.9% to 7.9%. If you have been on computrainer or know a thing or two about riding this is a serious amount of hurt but especially at the end of a 200 odd kilometre warm up!  The record up Alpe D’huez is 37 mins ish. Can you imagine? One of the numbers to look at next time you are on the computrainer is watts per kg but below is a guage for (guys, sorry girls not available from my source) where you are at compared to ‘fit’ guys and pros! It is pretty interesting if your ride a little. Peak Power for time period Males 2 hours 1 hour 30 mins 5 mins 30 seconds Fit guy 147 – 170 170-172 192-194 206-213 239-452 Category 4 rider 182-209 209 212 237 240 254 266 293 559 Domestic Pro 252 […]