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As fitness coaches (aka personal trainers), we seem to always be banging on about getting into a habit of exercise. And you know what, that IS super important. The reason is, once you have this habit you are good because no matter what happens in your life, you will always find a way back, even when things get really really hard. I know this is the case for me and I liken it to being an addict of some kind, but with a more positive spin. I never quite feel normal unless I have some of it. Don’t get me wrong, I have my many challenges too like you that compete for my time and take me away from the optimal fitness/health routine.  I know any of you out there that own and run a business will really get that, and when you have a young family, the responsibilities are especially significant. But it is only ever days that go by without me getting some of the ‘good oil’, which is either good for my functional strength or cardiovascular fitness. It is a great stress manager as well as the rest of it and I am glad it is such a fixed part of my life. Just recently though, the one thing that I haven’t dialed in enough to my own personal routine, is recovery. I am still working on making this a ‘teeth cleaning’ habit, like exercise is. I finally got a massage yesterday and my body is thanking me for it today. As with those of you struggling […]

Barbecue 27th of September

Seriously I know I need my head read at times. Not once but twice did I get this wrong. But today I am on it. We are having a barbecue here at the pool on Friday, September 27. 6pm – 8pm. Two reasons. One is to say goodbye to Eoin who has been a great employee for 3 years. And two is to celebrate Spring and the warmer weather. I think I promised dancing girls last time. Check on that still. Light refreshments and some grilled stuff. Should be fun. Clients (those who are on a hiatus currently too) and their friends all invited. Please confirm by dropping you details on this form Thanks yawl.

Useful fitness time….again!

Okay, Bridge to Brisbane done. The ‘what’s next’ is here! I want a stack of Best Practicians in this one. COME ON! (nothing like shouty CAPS LOCK!) Brisbane to Gold Coast Ride I know 100k’s can sound scary but it is not believe. You can do this! I have tentative confirmation from at least 8 of you. 20 would be awesome. Send me a text or email when you are booked. You will enjoy it for sure!

The clock got stuck!

Some of you may have read that I set myself a goal this year to ‘turn the clock back 20 years’ and run a sub 4min km pace for the Bridge to Brisbane. When I was 27, I ran the City to Surf in Sydney in better than 4min per k pace. The Bridge to Brissie is a far easier run and so I thought I was not biting off more than I could chew when I made that bold target. Well as it turns out the clock got kind of stuck! The good news is that firstly I managed to do the run, which looked highly unlikely on Wednesday when I strained a calf muscle (thanks to Body Perceptions Physio, Aspro and some serious taping for getting me to the start line). The second bit of good news was that I did end doing my best time for this particular run AND I didn’t have a heart attack. Two guys went down in Perth on their equivalent run on Saturday so definitely good news from that perspective! I am in the right age bracket for that sort of thing but yeah probably a lower risk thankfully due to my job! So I ended up 2 mins 28s short of the goal. Do I view that as failure? In one sense yes I guess, but in another definitely not.  The true purpose of these sort of targets is the ability to drive action and from that perspective it was a massive win. I know there were a number of you who went […]

How to improve one of the most important movements you can make

This article describes how to get the squat right if you have any of the common problems that limit the quality of this important movement and also a very useful guide on how to warm up and get mobile before any workout. Check it out and let me know what you think.

Managing back pain

It can be one of the most debilitating things. When your back is giving you grief there is not a lot of ‘training around it’ you can do. You have to address it for there to be any progress in any part of your life. Sounds melodramatic but I know because I have experienced being flat out on my back a number of times over the years and when you endured that more than once, you suddenly get really motivated to fix it! Why did I have my problem? Well it was combination of things, including years of playing one sided sport which led to muscle imbalances of a chronic nature and an attitude of ‘head in the sand’ that led to regular re-injuring, i.e. not acknowledging the fact that I was de-trained and asking bigger questions than my body could answer. So how have I dealt with? I saw multiple specialists until I got one who knew how to treat me and that happened to be a myofascial expert in Sydney. He was able to get me out of pain with some basic but extremely effective hands-on treatment,  but the only way that I have been able to stay out of pain is implementing smart progressive overload strength training (i.e. knowing my limitations!), implementing a preventative maintenance plan including regular massage and chiropractic or osteopathic care and I would also say eating a better diet. Getting inflammation out of the body is a critical part of the equation. The above links are all people I have used, referred to […]

Think…..motivation is key.

I guess you have heard somewhere along the line that we only use 10% of our brains. Was it Einstein that said that? Or was it really a misquoted statement from William James, one of the so called fathers of modern psychology. It doesn’t matter I suppose but something that I think we can all agree upon is that the mind can be a supportive ally or a self destructive enemy. At Best Practice we like to emphasize the importance of ‘how you think’. If you can harness your motivation you can achieve anything. If there has been one factor that has stood out from those who have achieved great things and those who never quite got it, it is this. One of the ways smart people learn is by watching others who are doing well. Case in point the Okinawans of Japan. In this super interesting article, inspirational author Craig Weller looks at the importance of find meaning in our lives. You will enjoy this one.

Lessons and illusions of the biggest loser

I have never really watched the biggest loser but I have started watching this season. Man is it good television! But I am not quite sure how they get away with some of the things they do and some of the things they say. I do acknowledge that there is a lot of ‘theatrics’ going on here which is not necessarily best practice training methodology but certainly part of ‘watchable television’ 101. Let’s start with what I like. Before starting their ‘weigh loss journey’ (more on this misnomer later). They got all them to jump off a 10 m cliff in to the water which was a great exercise in overcoming fear and pushing yourself to do what you think you can’t, both really good metaphorical lessons in what needs to happen when undertaking such a massive project. Just as an aside: Let me just say I have nothing but respect for these people who take this on. They have everything going against them – genetics, environment, social conditioning and usually, a massively negative attitude seriously ingrained over time. Make no mistake, getting past all these things to turn their lives around will take nothing less than olympic level dedication and determination. The only difference I see between these people and Olympic athletes is, natural talent and ability. The effort and the pain to achieve great things is no different regardless of whether you are buff or not. Now for what I don’t like. The head trainer Shannan was berating one of the members for only doing 10 minutes of […]

Keep it fun!

A lot of you receiving this won’t be able to take advantage of the offer I made to clients and members to come a long for a go on our famous kickbikes this Saturday morning but there still is a message here for you. When I started the business back in 2005 here at the Valley Pool I was keen to offer stuff that was different and fun whilst keeping to solid scientific principles of training. The kickbikes fit the bill for different and fun. Check out this video to see a relaxed ride from some colleagues of mine from the Australian institute of Fitness last week. Good way to tour Brisbane! This Saturday morning at 630am leaving from New Farm Park I am taking them out for a run and at last count there were 3 spots left. This is a no cost offer to try a kickbike and yes something different. If you are nearby to us here at the pool let me know and you might get a spot still! The moral to this post though is find something that you like doing when it comes to fitness because if you like it, you will do it! The best fitness program of all is the one you actually do. It doesn’t have to be boring folks.