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Healthy fats, bad fats and evil fats

I have been doing a bit of reading on this controversial area. Saturated fat has been painted as the bad guy for a long time, even saturated fat that comes from super natural foods like coconuts and avocado. My initial reaction is, ‘how could mother nature have given us something bad?’ I have always liked the very simplistic, ‘eat as close to nature as possible’ advice which would seemingly cause some problems due to the aforementioned ‘bad guy’ status of saturated fat. So, what to do? I think in the search for the right answer we like to look for a blanket statement that covers what we should do so we don’t have to think so hard anymore! Unfortunately lazy thinking usually leads to gaps in knowledge, some of which may be critical to health. This article from the Harvard School of Public Health looks at this subject in great detail and with some pretty solid references too. Although having read it I still have some reservations about what to do. Let me know what you think. p.s. My gut feeling is that trans fat truly is the evil one, with saturated fat still having a few questions marks hanging over it’s head. I would say good old unsaturated (poly and mono) fat untouched by heat or any chemically altering process, is perhaps the pure and chosen one!

Cycling is the new golf!

Look, you don’t have to spray on the lycra to be a cyclist. In fact I am happy to see you with a basket on the front, bread stick poking out and whirly gigs on the wheels! I would just like you to join us in the Brissie to Bay ride on June 23. One of my goals last year was to get more participants from Best Practice on a bike and cycling those amazing legs for 10, 25, 50 or even 100k. Join our team here and make somebody proud! Remember, there’s no point in looking all buff and beautiful in the gym if you don’t get out and show it off. Put on your lycra if you have to….. or not. Just saddle up and do something cool on a Sunday morning. I look forward to seeing you there.

Just in case you were getting confused…

I posted last week about the Biggest Loser. The myths and misconceptions continue unabated and yeah I’m still watching….. But just so we are clear. Don’t try to trade off calories on the treadmill for the extra 20-30kgs you are wearing. You don’t have enough time to do this and you will be bored before you even burn up the proverbial drop in the ocean and or get injured in the process. So am I saying that calories don’t matter? Well Yes and No. Yes because what you think is a calorie probably isn’t and No because an excess of energy consumed WILL become stored fat. SO WHAT IS THE ANSWER THEN MR PERSONAL TRAINER!!! Don’t worry I can feel your frustration. But here it is in a nutshell- (keep in mind that these are general guidelines and may not suit your particular circumstances or need specific explanation. Consult with a professional to clarify what is right for you personally. We would be a good first contact!) Increase protein and  reduce simple carbohydrate intake. Eat healthy fats. Eat a stack of vegetables always. Start moving more in general – even 4 dedicated sessions of training each week will amount to little for some genetically challenged souls when the other 98% of time is spent sitting (on the bus to work and on the seat at work all day and then on the bus again going home). Build core strength as a first priority then progress to functional strength (i.e. useful movement). After this aim to be progressive in your strength […]

Routines, rituals and roles – the perfect month beckons

I have prided myself on being Mr ‘Ad-lib’. You know, the guy that can’t be nailed down in to a routine because routine is boring. I guess this is why I started my own business. The unknown had great appeal and of course I was probably a pretty bad employee, as I always knew better!  But I have started to look at things a little differently over the past few years and/or perhaps I am just growing up. As a young kid trying to be a professional tennis player I knew the value of rituals to performance. I used to watch Jimmy Connors  bounce the ball 21 times every time before he served and John McEnroe make sure he never walked on the lines when changing ends. I was playing a match one time against another kid I had never beaten and I got in to this habit of scraping the grip of my racquet on the net every time I went past the net post. I won the match and the habit stuck because I associated something kind of crazy with winning. And, if something works I am not going to question it too much.  Of course this behaviour is basically superstitious but the power of relying on something repeatable and predictable gives a great sense of  security in a pretty insecure situation. This ritual thing is part of most professional performer’s repertoire the world over because it is kind of a high powered version of a routine which of course is critical to becoming good at what they do in […]