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Do you cram?

I will be honest. I was a really bad crammer when I was at school and at uni. There was something about the pressure which made me ‘get it done’. This same approach doesn’t work so well when it comes to preparing for a physical challenge. I was reminded of this fact last year when I attempted to ‘cram’ my training for the Nissan corporate triathlon on the Gold Coast. Whilst it is not an extremely arduous event it is still around 50 minutes of sustained effort. Any way long story short, I did some cramping damage to my calves in the week leading in to the event and went in woefully underprepared swim wise. My results on the day reflected this, so this year I have decided that things will be different. I am not the greatest swimmer in the world but have the fortunate situation of having a pool right on my door step, so no excuses huh? Well there are 7 ish weeks to go and I have two swims under my belt and already quite a few runs. The goal is to do at least 20 swims before the event and another 14-18 runs. So what about you? What is on your agenda? I have spoken about committing to various events throughout the year as they bring focus. The first step is to pick one, then enter it. Once you have done this, start planning your training and then more importantly start ‘doing’. I think about ‘process focus’, meaning don’t worry about the outcome just concentrate […]

Do you ever feel like you are just spinning your wheels?

You workout. Great. You are in the minority of the population so already you are pretty special. How many of you in this elite group feel like you are pushing the intensity (you know you need deep down) to make a significant difference? Not many I am guessing. This is why we exist. A brand new tool in our arsenal to ensure you are hitting the right intensity is My Zone. This is a brand new system which has been utilised well in advanced clubs all around the world to help people just like you get the intensity of their training in to the right zone. I have been using this myself over the past 6 weeks to get a feel for it. It is a GREAT piece of technology that engages and creates accountability even with out us as trainers. But when used by us it is even better. Check out this short video on how it works and look for it in our PT room in your next workout. I will be moving it to the computrainer room at times so you can see it in action. If all goes well I expect consoles and screens in all spaces of Best Practice. You don’t have to watch the whole video and whilst we don’t do classes exactly like this nor look like these trainers -I have been called the thinking person’s personal trainer :), you will get a good idea how this system gives direct and immediate feedback when working out. It also can viewed on your own […]

Useful fitness

It’s that time of the year. Bridge to Brissie time. This Sunday early! Doesn’t matter if you don’t run. Just get out and walk it. There is something about community events that I really love. We are in this together and the more active a society we have, the better we will all be. Sound pious? Maybe. But seriously if you want to be self actualised and I don’t understand why you wouldn’t want to be. Look at number 5 of the characteristics and number 9 on ‘how to’. Then let me know if we will see you at the finish line! In keeping with tradition. If you are client and you don’t already have one, you can earn one of these! Surely that is enough incentive to get you over the line!

Bridge to Brisbane 2011

What a day! It was indeed a fresh start to Sunday morning with around 7 degrees on the dial  as I climbed out of a warm bed from my lovely wife at 4.30am (you will be in it next year Jacqui!!). I had a text from a great client of mine Martina Hal after the event, who said words to the effect that “her trainer wouldn’t be pleased that there may have been more chatting than serious exercise”. I replied by saying that ‘anyone who gets out of bed early on a Sunday morning to engage in exercise of any kind gets my respect’. And so it goes also to Andrew Bauer and Merve Smith. I am sure there were other clients and ex clients involved but hats off to you two guys in particular. We met at the pool at 5.00 am and got across to the start with minimal stress in the best practice mobile. It was a great performance from first timer, Andrew who had said to me a year ago that he would and I quote ‘like to be able to run 1km without stopping’. Well, after running the 10km yesterday non stop in a respectable time indeed, I think we need to readjust those goals some what. Great effort mate! Next year, sub 50 mins is realistic. As for Merve, an old hand at this running game, a predictable super effort. With marathons under his belt this man knows about ‘habitual exercise’ and the power of consistent effort in being active as simply something which […]

Bridge to Brisbane, 2011

September 11 is the day. We would like to see you in this one. I am organising a taxi from the pool for those who would like to come with us for the 10 k (or 5k) run or walk. You know we like to see you test yourself a little and this is a great opportunity to log some kind of performance from which to judge future efforts. It is nice to strive for something each year and try to better yourself in some way. I am really keen to get a best practice ‘useful’ fitness photo like this one below. If you don’t already have one of our unbelievably beautiful singlets we would like you to earn one by being involved. For those interested, we are going to have a little barbecue back at the pool afterwards and a cool off in the pool. Let me know you are up for it by filling in this form below