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Do you cram?

I will be honest. I was a really bad crammer when I was at school and at uni. There was something about the pressure which made […]

Do you ever feel like you are just spinning your wheels?

You workout. Great. You are in the minority of the population so already you are pretty special. How many of you in this elite group feel […]

Useful fitness

It’s that time of the year. Bridge to Brissie time. This Sunday early! Doesn’t matter if you don’t run. Just get out and walk it. There […]

Bridge to Brisbane 2011

What a day! It was indeed a fresh start to Sunday morning with around 7 degrees on the dial  as I climbed out of a warm […]

Bridge to Brisbane, 2011

September 11 is the day. We would like to see you in this one. I am organising a taxi from the pool for those who would […]