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It’s okay to undulate….

That’s a weird headline I realise. It comes from my days of studying Sport Science and the method behind training athletes. It refers to the need to vary training load in a training cycle, so the body can recover and improve baseline performance. It is no different for the everyday person who is trying to make regular exercise their ‘go to’ thing. It is seriously okay to go a bit up and down with this. Read: You can’t always be peaking or at the top of your game. I was out for a run the other day and it got me thinking. Just as an aside, the run is my ‘go to’, which is a legacy of the training methods pushed on me as a child tennis player trying to improve my physical performance. They didn’t really get it in those days that tennis is more a power sport requiring, speed, strength and agility over endurance. That is not to say you don’t need to have aerobic fitness (endurance) but just that there are other things that should be favoured given a finite amount of time to train. Anyway, I digress a little there…. I was thinking about how it is okay to be fitter in some parts of the year and then let it go a little (emphasis on ‘a little!’). It is not a time to panic when you realise you aren’t as fit now as you were before. The beauty of regular training is that you can tweak things and get a different result, because variety for […]