How much is too much? Well the typical Australian has around 34 teaspoons a day.

This is way too much! It should be less than 5 teaspoons if you are serious about being healthy.

Here’s a typical not so healthy Aussie day of eating. Easy to get 34 teaspoons+ if you come from a carbohydrate upbringing!

Breakfast: 1.5 cups of cereal, 1 cup of OJ, 1 cup of milk. 10 teaspoons

Snack: 2 little pastries and 1 can of softdrink. 15 teaspoons

Lunch: Sandwich, muesli bar, apple juice. 7-15 teaspoons depending on size of the apple juice bottle.

Snack: Gatorade. depending on size 7-10 teaspoons.

Dinner: Salad with dressing. Potato. Pork chops. Bowl of icecream. 25-30 teaspoons.

The end point of eating like this regularly? Obesity.

Look for fat accumulation around the mid section and shoulder blades for tell tale signs of varying levels of insulin resistance and the icing on top – Diabetes.

A healthy body fat level for men is between 10-15%. For women, 17-35%. Do you know what yours is? We can do this for you if you want to know and give you a plan to deal with it. Ph: 3854 0386 now. Operators standing by 🙂

It is a great motivator to see where you are at now and then set a firm target by years end. What’s 12 months when it comes to the rest of your life? Your call.

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