Subway versus Mcdonalds

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It is a fast and frenetic world we live in and no matter how focussed you are, there are times when you will be virtually forced in to buying a fast food option that may not be anything like the tuna and bean salad you usually have prepared. Okay, at the risk of being defamed let’s have a look at the iconic Big Mac from the golden arches against a 6 inch turkey sub from the sandwich boys.

Nutrient Big Mac 6 inch Turkey Sub
Fat 29g 3.5g
Sugar 9g 6g
Calories 480 280
Fibre 3g 6g
Saturated Fat 10g 1g
Protein 25g 18g
Sodium 1040 910
Carbohydrate 47g 45g
Cholesterol 75mg 20mg


You tell me what you think you should have when you get desperate?

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