Still confused about protein?

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I wouldn’t blame you. When you see respected organisations like Nutrition Australia publishing information like this and then just as respected researchers publishing stuff like this, with diametrically opposed conclusions about high protein intake, it is easy to see why people are not quite sure what to do.  I always use the filter of relying on where most research is at and…. then applying logic, common real world results and what I notice around me.

There can be no doubt that the food pyramid of old proclaiming the importance (and ultimately confusion) of 11 serves of grains and cereals as the base of a healthy diet has been a spectacular failure. See the new improved (but still not perfect) one here! Low fat has led to high sugar and unprecedented levels of obesity. So let’s safely assume that a diet high in saturated fat and simple carbohydrate is CLEARLY not the way to go. Let’s also assume that a diet high in the properties that nature gave it (the closer to it’s raw form the better) is also a good strategy.

There is obviously a lot more to this debate but apply your common sense to your actions  and you will do well. There is enough of the right information out there and sometimes results in the practical world are way ahead of the slow moving wheels of research and even in the hallowed world of academia, myths can be perpetuated or skewed to favour the dominant theories of recent past because let’s face it no one really likes change or to admit that they might have been wrong.

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