3 tips to help you start running again….

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3 tips to help you start running again

Running is a fantastic and liberating form of exercise, and you might well be missing it if you
have taken a break. It could be for a variety of reasons – maybe an injury, a lack of
motivation or maybe life just got in the way. Sometimes, things just happen that stop us from
doing the things we want to do and we don’t realise just how much we miss them until it feels
like it is too late. The good news, when it comes to running, is that it is never too late. It is
possible to get back into the sport and to enjoy it just as much as you used to do. Here well
take a look at some ways that you can get back into running again. You’ll be enjoying the
freedom that comes from the sport before you know it.

1. Make it a habit

As with anything in life, if you want to make something part of what you do regularly, you
need to turn it into a habit. It should become something that is a natural part of your life, not
something that you only fit in when you can find the time. After a break, it can be difficult to
carve out the time in your schedule for running, but it is important that you do – consistency
is key.

Take a look at your schedule and see where you can carve out time on a regular basis to go
for a run. Make that your golden time, the time that you dedicate to running. This is the best
way to develop a habit
that lasts; it’s all about choosing to dedicate your time to it and
keeping that up until it just feels like it is part of your normal routine. You should expect
obstacles and days to crop up when you just don’t feel like heading out onto the track, but it
is important to keep going if you want to make that habit stick. Finding ways to deal with the
things that will get in your way will ultimately give you the tools that you will need to complete
your goal.

2. Buy yourself the right gear

If you want to build sport into your schedule, it is important that you place importance on it in
your life. One idea to help you achieve this is to make sure you buy yourself the right
equipment. You really need to go all-in with this – treating yourself to equipment that
supports you can help you become the best runner that you can be, but it can also get you
excited about the prospect of running.

Psychologically speaking, ensuring that you have equipment that will help you reach your
goals will help convince you of the importance of running in your life. Plus, you don’t need to
feel guilty about buying new equipment, thanks to the fact that many sports brands such as
Nike are building sustainability into their brand. Nike, for instance, have set themselves a
target for 2020
which will see them send absolutely nothing to landfill.

3. Consider signing up for a race

One tip that could get you out there on the tracks and really help focus your mind on the
importance of running is to have a goal that you are working towards. Signing yourself up for
a race could be just the thing that you need. Knowing that you have an event pencilled in on
the calendar could give you the motivation that you need to get out there, even on the tough
days. Plus, it should inspire you to create a programme and foster the habit of setting short-
term goals in your schedule. Setting and achieving goals can boost motivation and make
running even more exciting. Choose a short-distance race to begin with. A 5K is usually the
ideal distance to start off with – you need a goal that is achievable and is not too difficult. You
can always sign up for longer distances once you get into the habit and build up your

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