The magical power of sleep

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Is there anything better than a good night’s sleep?

Research is now telling us that it is much more than just a subjectively ‘good’ thing to do.

Let’s have a look at the magical power of sleep… How’s this for a list of general benefits?

  1. If you’re wanting to reach optimal levels of brain power, make sure you rest nicely. Just as we need enough rest to function physically on a day to day basis, your brain needs enough also to be most productive and efficient. This seems like common sense, but it’s definitely worth mentioning at least as a reminder. 
  2. Creativity – getting the right amount of sleep essentially works its magic on your brain which enhances your creativity levels. So if you’re thinking about taking your art supplies out on a beautiful sunny Saturday, make sure your Friday night sleep is a good one! 
  3. Some of you might find it hard to believe, but sleep has actually been shown to improve your memory. “How?” I hear you ask… Research shows that you actually practice certain things you learned (or attempted to learn) while you were awake whilst you sleep!
  4. If you’re thinking about going on a diet, have a think about this: in the brain, the same sector are in control of metabolism and sleep. Diet studies have found more fat loss is associated with well rested people. 
  5. This one might seem pretty obvious, but getting adequate rest helps you improve your quality of life. If you’re resting too little (or even way too much), the way you feel on a day to day basis is going to be impacted on. Getting too little sleep can even contribute to depression. Finding that perfect amount of sleep for your personal needs will make a world of difference in the way you feel every day!
  6. I’ll keep this one short and sweet – more sleep = less stress
  7. Last but certainly not least, getting a good amount of rest will get those energy levels up you need for great exercise sessions! It will make you feel ready and energised for your upcoming session, will make your session that little bit easier on the body, and you can be sure your body will thank you in the recovery process.


Some of these point might seem like common sense, but you’d be surprised how many people can simply overlook the power of a good night’s sleep. If you feel like you might fall in the ‘getting too little sleep’ category, do your best to increase those beautiful hours of ZZZZZZZ on a day to day basis – you might be surprised just how great it makes you feel!

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