You might think it is too early to be setting goals for 2013. I beg to differ. Now is exactly the right time to get out your marker pen and start putting in the important stuff for next year in to a big fat calendar stuck on your bedroom wall.

Christmas is literally just around the corner and there is craziness associated with. It’s true. We know it. So accept it and get the important stuff done now whilst you still can. You won’t have time for it later believe me. Planning is the key to a successful life and the more constantly viewable it is the more effective it will be.

This is what I do.  About this time of year I grab a wall planner and start marking in the things that I know inspire me.

Holidays for starters! I always put those in first because it is motivating to know that there WILL be guaranteed times of just chilling out and enjoying time with my family. With that done I then put in events that I want to do that will bring focus to my training because I value fitness. When I was younger it was all about the tennis tournaments and where I was meant to peak. Now that the meant-to-be glory days are gone, it is all about practicing what I preach because it simply makes sense if I am to achieve a high quality and fulfilling life.  I find the process of training much easier when I am training FOR something. Also I find it easier training WITH others who have a common goal which is why I want you along for the ride!

After studying psychology for over 4 years I try to use every little mind game in the book to keep me going – (Don’t think I am not trying to do the same for you just quietly!), which is why I focus on the fact that my very survival depends on an active life.  I just HAVE to be fit as my wife is 12 years younger and there are certain requirements that go with that! One of her big fears is having to push me around in a wheelchair whilst she is still relatively young. Well one of my goals is to be the pusher and not the pushee and that won’t be achieved by accident!

Long story short. Plan the year ahead and aim to see the next year out, being a little bit better than when you started it. Can there be any better goal than that?

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