Set up that home gym already

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I have mentioned this one before because I think it is that important.

You are not alone if you don’t know how to do an at home regular strength training routine. It all starts with a home gym set up and it doesn’t have to be elaborate. Check out the video below.

Did you know that you will lose somewhere between 2-5kg in muscle mass per decade, if you don’t do regular challenging and progressive overload strength training? Doesn’t sound like a huge problem to worry about immediately but if you are my age or more, you will start to notice how time goes by quicker than it used to and a decade of time isn’t really that long anymore.

When you couple that with the understanding that a loss of muscle mass usually equals not so cool things like ‘ageing’ badly, increased body fat (because you lose metabolic rate), less ability to do useful stuff, higher incidence of depression and yes more pain, then the motivation to learn it increases somewhat.

Also not that we are massively in to the superficial side, but let’s face it, a toned body, which is another happy side effect of regular strength training, does usually look quite good too! So learning how to do a strength training routine and of course actually doing it, is absolutely VITAL to giving yourself the best chance at a much better second innings of life.

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