The article I will give you a link to today later in this post reminded me of a story I had read from an AA meeting.

The story goes that in an attempt to show the dramatic effects of alcohol, a learned man presenting to the group performed an experiment which had a surprising response from one attendee. Standing on the stage the man held up two clear vials of fluid for all to see. Picking up a worm with some tongs he dropped the worm in to the first vial. The worm happily swims around in the fluid. The man says simply, “this vial is water”. He then picks the worm up out of the first vial and drops it in the second only to see it instantly vaporise. “This”, he said “is pure alcohol”. Pausing for effect, he then says to the mostly speechless group, “What do we make of this?”. One man in the back pipes up and says drily, “I see if I drink alcohol I won’t have worms”.

This is a classic example of seeing what you want to see from a situation which may not be the most valuable part. People often come to us looking for the answer to their fitness and health woes. We are only part of the solution. We are more the “catalyst” which when you look at the scientific definition of that word will find that it means “A substance (an entity) that increases the rate of a chemical reaction (rate of change) without itself undergoing any permanent chemical change (we are definitely left more satisfied)”. We badly want our clients to change but what we want doesn’t matter, in the end, the best results come from those who take responsibility and use us to help bring that change to life. Just quickly, on the topic of alcohol, who is going to join me in the Feb fast? Raise money or not, your body and mind will thank you for this. I already have two mates on board. What about you?

The article this link goes to is not trying to undermine anything I have just said but goes to show that nothing is totally bad and that the science of how we age is an interesting field indeed!