I was wondering the other day if people really like to think that their personal trainer does everything right. You know,” nothing impure passes these lips” type thing! This time of year is a testing time for all including myself. It is confession time. I had to leave my car at the Story Bridge Hotel the other day on Christmas eve. In my defense, you really don’t have to drink that much to make it not wise to drive. As much as I would love to be famous in some way, being the star of an episode of RBT would not be a great PR exercise. I can just hear ‘what’s his name’ Daddo asking incredulously about how good an example ‘this Brisbane based personal trainer is as he blows over .05!’

Well anyway I did not drive and we caught a cab. The next day I jumped on my bike to ride over and grab my van. Now I am not trying to say I am a legend for doing this (because I guess a holier than thou PT would never have been in the pub in the first place!)  but the tendency to choose movement no matter how seemingly insignificant can add up to something worthwhile  if you do it enough times. I was not still over the limit the next day when I was on my bike, if you were wondering!

So I guess here is my message from this post. Look after the ‘cents’ of fitness (choosing to walk to the shops instead of drive, taking the stairs every time instead of the elevator and maybe even commit to taking the steps two at a time and run them like my friend Mike or ride your bike the next day after having 2 or 3 drinks for Christmas to pick up your car!) and the ‘dollars’ of health will look after themselves.Those ‘dollars’ are a body worth having, a mind that feels clear and a temperament that leans towards happy because fit people are, as a rule an optimistic bunch. Remember that a consistent choice for more movement will inevitably lead to a healthy habit that will define who you are and how you live.