Returning to the scene of the crime….

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This is about 50m from where I got married. A beautiful part the world Cabarita Beach. What a day yesterday was huh?

I ran along this beach for about 50 minutes and dived in to the ocean at the end, the cool water chilling me but feeling so incredibly refreshing and exhilarating. I got out, played a little cricket with Indy and then relaxed with a cold beer and some nice food with my beautiful wife and good friends from Burleigh. I don’t tell you this for any other reason than to remind you about the reasons for investing time in getting fit -Useful fitness that allows you to have fun and live life to the full.

In thinking about it there is more. Besides doing a bit of training for the upcoming Bridge to Brissie, there also this thought of –  ‘don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time’, if you know what I mean. Some of the foods I am eating now (that I am not in the perfect anymore) perhaps would be considered heavy on the calorie ‘deposit’ side. The run made me feel like I was withdrawing some of this ahead of time to give me the buffer I needed to keep the ledger even, so to speak. Call me crazy but aiming for balance in this way feels intuitively sensible.

I have spoken about this before but it bears repeating. Working out consistently and at times vigorously in a gym or a studio is great, but let’s not forget why we do it.  Enjoy the fruits of your hard work and do something cool with it folks.

Post a comment. I want to hear what you are doing with YOUR fitness!

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