I went to a ‘wealth’ creation seminar and remember hearing a lot of interesting stuff but one comment stood out – “making money is boring”. The speaker went on to explain that creating wealth requires using a tried and true ‘system’ and that the application of that system could be considered quite boring. I suppose that might be true, I am not wealthy (not in dollar terms but in other ways I most certainly feel that I am) but most people would say having a lot of money is definitely not boring, i.e. the result is worth it. 

So I got to thinking about the most dedicated athletes and how they train and the results they get. If you saw how professional athletes preparing for the olympics train, you would see them heavily involved in a  ‘routine’ or a system that they methodically apply. And this is indeed a universal truth in achieving major goals. You have to apply a tried and true system to the task. Both Craig and Michelle who have joined me in the leather pants challenge have applied themselves in this way.  I am not sure that they would say it is ‘boring’ exactly but it is certainly a routine. This is why achieving results with a random approach is so difficult. You just have to ask yourself the question what are you prepared to do to get the result. Now I am not saying that you have to commit to drudgery for the rest of your life to maintain a high level of health and vitality. What I am saying is that if you are trying to disrupt the pattern  that has led to ill health and beiing unfit then you have to be prepared for a period of time in the ‘system’ that has been proven to work time and again. They always say “it is not rocket science”, true story!  It is however the irrefutable laws of ‘body science’ in action. 

Once you have achieved what you are after and have survived the inevitable process then you can play around with a bit more spontaneity. I would love to say that you can do that from the word go but the cold hard facts are that big results require big effort. There may be some lucky people out there who see things happen with minimal change, good for you but I can tell you that you in the smallest of minorities.

Please look at the attached PDF’s of both Craig and Michelle’s latest pics. They look fantastic. 5 weeks left to the photo shoot! I want to remind you again. This is not about how you look but how you feel. I suppose none of us will deny though that the two are very much related. Use emotion to create action, use determination to maintain it. 

Check out the original page  for my results this week and a special picture of a 19 year old  in London in 1986, not wearing  leather pants unfortunately (couldn’t find that pic) but you will see how this guy could have easily worn them and be deluded enough to think they were cool!

Craig progress photos

Michelle progress photos

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