Some of you will be aware that Best Practice Personal Training has been a business since April 2005. In that time I have learned a lot about what it means to deliver a service like this and the responsibility involved in such an undertaking. It is a never ending learning process which is why I have invested heavily over this time in both personal and business development because there are people out there who know plenty more than I do and are prepared to teach it.

I was on a whole day business coaching course on the weekend with some fitness professional from around Queensland and we spent some time redefining my CORE VALUES for the business. I have been through this before and fortunately they haven’t really changed too much from when I first did them about 5 years back. I say ‘fortunately’ because I think it is important to be consistent and I see core values as enduring principles that you live your entire life by. It was a worthwhile exercise though because this re-examination and more detailed definition has helped reinforce and fine tune the direction and intention of what I want Best Practice to be and do. Thanks Ric Isaac for the help.

It is my goal to bring a strong awareness of these values to the business over the coming months such that you, our existing clients and potential clients experience these in all your interaction with us.

Here are the words that define Best Practice.

As always I am happy for any comments.

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