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As fitness coaches (aka personal trainers), we seem to always be banging on about getting into a habit of exercise. And you know what, that IS super important. The reason is, once you have this habit you are good because no matter what happens in your life, you will always find a way back, even when things get really really hard.

I know this is the case for me and I liken it to being an addict of some kind, but with a more positive spin. I never quite feel normal unless I have some of it. Don’t get me wrong, I have my many challenges too like you that compete for my time and take me away from the optimal fitness/health routine.  I know any of you out there that own and run a business will really get that, and when you have a young family, the responsibilities are especially significant. But it is only ever days that go by without me getting some of the ‘good oil’, which is either good for my functional strength or cardiovascular fitness. It is a great stress manager as well as the rest of it and I am glad it is such a fixed part of my life.

Just recently though, the one thing that I haven’t dialed in enough to my own personal routine, is recovery. I am still working on making this a ‘teeth cleaning’ habit, like exercise is. I finally got a massage yesterday and my body is thanking me for it today. As with those of you struggling with exercise, I had forgotten just how important it is to ‘create time’ for this critical part of my fitness/health routine. You cannot have balance when you do the ‘yin’ but forget the ‘yang’.

I have been a little too reactive to this part of the health equation. I am a big fan of quality chiropractic care for certain back issues I have and I was still doing that a bit, but massage is also key for me and I wasn’t factoring that in.

It’s amazing how the presence of pain can affect not only your ability to function well physically, but also mentally. I believe I have been a bit of a scatter brain because of this constant low level pain in the body. The point of today’s post is not to justify my sub optimal performance lately but to let you know that you shouldn’t ignore this either. Our business is about helping others get to the point where total health management of their life is on auto-pilot. It should have elements of mobility and stretching, functional strength, cardiovascular training, healthy nutritional habits, musculo-skeletal recovery (massage, chiro, osteo or physio) and a quality sleeping routine. Where are you on the journey to that kind of life? If you are there already, nice work. Enjoy the many benefits. If you aren’t (and I can tell you you are not alone – think me and massage!), make contact with us. We can certainly help…..with most of it 🙂

P.S and by the way – we WILL have a/some great massage therapists operating out of Best Practice very soon. It is only a matter of time. I am [and have been] searching high and low for the right people. If that is you, contact me now! We plan on making it super easy with online bookings and Hicaps on-the-spot claiming.

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