I just finished reading “the monk who sold his ferrari”. I highly recommend this book. It is a modern fable of the traps most of us fall in to and the way to live a special life and avoid a truly tragic waste of our most precious gift.

As a former psych student and current student of the mind it is really good stuff. Since we trade in behaviour change here at best practice, we recognise the mind as the most potent of weapons for our clients in the fight for transformation. I have never been a big fan of routine because of the perceived suppression of creativity and a life of spontaneity. But the truth is that real results are not possible without adhering to a routine of some kind. I do believe though that it is possible to balance ritual with originality. In fact I think truly effective living will have a healthy combination of both. Read the book and post a comment. Keep that mind active, it is truly the most amazing computer on the planet.