Quick and dirty thoughts about nutrition…..

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I guess that is an interesting headline. It is likely to get some interesting clicks. It is just those key words, ‘dirty’ and ‘thoughts’. Anyhoo. Down to the subject at hand.

What is my view on nutrition?

Well hows this? If you are not overweight, haven’t been sick for years, sleep like a baby, are low stressed and you have plenty of energy, then don’t change a thing my friend!

If however you are:

  1. not losing body fat and you are trying to
  2. lack energy or have digestive issues regularly
  3. have reactions after eating
  4. can’t seem to sleep well no matter what you do
  5. aren’t building muscle and you are trying to

then perhaps it is time to do something different to what you are doing. I often hear people say,  ‘I eat quite well’. That may or may not be true as a statement but the bottom line is that if don’t have the body you want or it is not performing the way you would like it to or you know that it is capable of, then again something has got to change and it is going to be diet related.

I am not going to tell you there is only one way to do this. If that was true then you wouldn’t never see healthy people in different cultures around the world. Some countries have a carb heavy diet and the people are healthy, some have a very high fat diet and the people are healthy. So much of this depends on how your individual body responds and I am thinking that you have a pretty good idea already.

The reason I like the Whole 30 is that it is a personal self experiment. You are eliminating foods that are possible problems for a lot of different people. Notice I said ‘possible’. Also, it is a very short time to focus, to see what might affect your body badly and or what really works.

One of the issues with taking the slow and steady approach to nutrition changes, ala Precision Nutrition and their famous one habit at a time approach, is that addictions can be very hard to break, especially sugar addictions.  Sometimes when you take something off the table completely there is never any internal debate about whether you have some or not. It actually reduces the internal stress because you have already pre made the decision. The big issue with sugar is that it has an almost primeval pull because of the brain’s innate desire for survival. This served a purpose back in the day where food was hard to come by. Food is not hard to come by for us here in the Western world! For a certain personality, the sugar pull may never be overcome unless that addiction is addressed head on.

I am all for doing what works for the individual and the Whole 30 is but one approach. With our upcoming 6 week challenge, this will be the suggested pathway but there are alternatives…always. If you feel you are struggling with your nutrition approach, then this focussed challenge will help you make improvements. Will you lose 9kg in 6 weeks? Maybe, but the most important thing you will achieve, is that you will know more about what works and doesn’t work for you personally. It would be the easiest thing in the world to prescribe a very simple one size fits all ‘diet’ complete with meal plans for all those in the challenge, but how many would continue with something imposed on you by us? The best thing you can do is find something that works for you in your world and only you can implement that one. We can give you help and guidelines and if you want to try the Whole 30 structure in the challen ge, which is a program that has successfully worked wonders for 1000’s of people around the world, then why not join us for 6 weeks of nutritional coaching and safe exercise prescription and delivery?

Check it out here.

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