Personal Training - Online
The advent of Covid 19 in 2020 hastened along this most convenient way to experience 'face to face' fitness coaching aka 'personal training'

Checklist for training from home online. The basics.
  1. Internet connection so we can zoom
  2. Exercise mat
  3. Your own body. You will be surprised at how you can improve your whole body strength using specific exercises to improve your core strength, balance and mobility. If you are aiming to  build significant bulk to muscles or you would like more variation then see below.
Checklist for training from home. For an improved experience.
  1. A convenient place with in your home where you won't disturb anyone else
  2. A bracket for your phone pointed at you so you can see the coach as well as he/she can see you. A big screen connection to the phone would be even better. Good audio will help as well. A set of unobtrusive blue tooth headphones/earbuds would be idea.
  3. A full gym set up whilst would be very cool to have is not necessary but an improved set up from just body weight depending on what your goals are would be a set up like the one described in the video at the bottom of this page.
What you need to train well from home, it's less than what you think!