Okay so a bit of tongue in cheek to start the ball rolling with this one. It is not earth shattering news to know that planning your training and nutrition is the key to success. But I wanted to share with you some valuable information I gleaned from a seminar run by trainer to the stars Joe Fournier on Friday of last week at Shirlaws Coaching.

This was a very simple approach but one that has has helped keep his clients motivated through out the year. He sits with them and draws on a yearly calendar a training schedule that ‘fits’ with how their particular year runs dropping training load when work load is high and increasing it for maximum gains to be realised when energy needs to be at it’s peak. Every one of his client’s calendar looks different but the principle behind it is something called ‘periodisation’, which we have been talking about for a while and makes perfect sense. No one can just train at a high intensity everyday of everyweek of every year. Besides being extremely boring, it would be impossible to do. You must give your body (and your mind probably more) time to recover and reorganise itself to be at a higher level for the next phase.

The take home on this one is that we all need to cycle our training intensity and load so that we have a chance at keeping fresh. We are working on your yearly training calendar for group training with different themes each month moving in the direction of improved fitness and fun.

Look out for this new approach.