Personal Pilates

Expert instruction from our specialist Pilates instructor - Joao Goncalves

In Studio Sessions

Train with Joao out of our location in Bowen Hills within the premises of Health for life.

Outdoors or In Your Home

We can potentially come to you if you prefer. We could do the session in the great outdoors near you or in your home

Group sessions

We will be offering 1-2 group sessions of Pilates each week within our new Fit Over 40 - small group fitness for everyday people program

"I highly recommend Best Practice, I found them to be knowledgeable, supportive, organised and with great systems in place like MyZone and their own app. Other words I would describe them are fun, passionate and nurturing. Such an enjoyable session, and a great way to kick off the day"
Fiona Greene

Where to find us


We have built this group program to fit those who are new to exercise, haven’t exercised in a while or just aren’t wanting to do high intensity training every single time they do a session. We get you in a training zone but individualised to you.

As part of a 12 week minimum recommended commitment we will do an initial 1 hour individual assessment of where you are at and make sure the exercises you do are right for your current abilities.

The sessions can be as hard as you want them to be. The coach is not going to be shouting at anybody to ‘go harder’. He or she will be encouraging but don’t expect the drill sargeant or artificial high fiving and the stuck on impossible smiling thing 🙂 Don’t know about you but I hate that! There are many fitness businesses already that do that, we prefer down to earth, real without the razzamatazz.

I will be honest with you here as I should! All exercise has the potential to help you lose weight but it is probably more fat loss you are meaning. The bottom line is you can’t out train the wrong diet for you but exercise has many other benefits beyond the body beautiful. If that is your main focus then nutrition coaching and or personal training might be for you.

This is a great program for that. Remember that a good diet must support your exercise training to have maximum positive results.

Yes we can and do! We have other programs and options that cover personal training and or nutrition coaching. We also run 6 week challenges from time to time to really bring some extra focus around eating well and raising the bar intelligently and within tolerable limits for your  current exercise routine.

It is $249 per 4 weeks.

The pricing for a commitment to 1 session per week for the 4 weeks is $99. If you can make 2 sessions per week it is $179 for the 4 weeks. This option is only available if we have the space.

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