Personal Training
In Our Studio

Train the old fashioned way, face to face in Bowen Hills

Face to Face

Whilst we know it won't be for everyone given the experience of Covid, but training in person in a studio means better hands on coaching and a wide range of equipment at your disposal.

Qualified Trainers

First class, we prefer to call it coaching rather than training from university-level qualified personal trainers. This means you get professional guidance and your safety being a top priority. You will be performing movements best suited to your fitness, strength and mobility levels.

Small Studio

Our small and intimate studio means you don't have to deal with the sometimes uncomfortable feeling you get in an open gym (trust us, we've been there!). Train in an ego free and down to earth environment.

"It's a great feeling to set and achieve a goal, and I find that the physical exertion gives me a self-confidence that spills over into other areas of my life."
Dr Graeme McDonald

Where to find our studio


We operate out of a small studio environment. Some call this style of work out place ’boutique’. We will only have a few people in the space with you or it may only be you and the coach. We have operated out big gyms before and this is a lot more private and there is no competition over using equipment. If there are other trainers and clients in there, we know how to work together. 

This is a legitimate concern depending on your experience with trainers. The answer is absolutely not. We want you to walk out feeling energised and better than when you walked in, every time.

Personal training is not cheap as it is a very comprehensive service delivered by (in our case) university qualified and real world experienced professionals. We offer a money back guarantee that says if you start with us and are not happy with in the first 2 weeks we will fix that problem or simply refund you all the money paid. Beyond the 2 weeks we will always be open to feedback to correct any issues that come up. 

In personal training it is recommended that you commit to an initial 12 week program. It is around this time frame you will actually start to ‘see’ results. You will however start feeling better from day 1. Just to be clear there is no legally binding contract signed just an emotional commitment to give it a fair amount of time to turn things around. It would be unrealistic to expect to turn around 20 years of bad habits in a 4 week bootcamp for example.

Yes we can and do! We suggest a dedicated nutrition coaching program in addition to the personal training sessions for those who are super keen to lose body fat. 

45 min personal training sessions are billed at $99 per session. We charge for 4 weeks in advance and use a billing company for our debiting. 

Right now we have 3 small group sessions per week that can complement your personal training. We include in the first 4 weeks of any personal training program, access to all those sessions. We are planning on expanding this service and offering more sessions each week. The cost per small group session beyond the free trial is $22 for 4 week bookings in advance.