Perfect month or just a little better?

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Okay, there is no such thing as perfect but July is the month and it has arrived.

It began on the weekend and I survived my first challenges. I clocked in 5 exercise sessions last week but the challenge started on Friday (snf 6 is the goal this week). So, I have had no coffee the last few days which has been a little tough but peppermint tea is not a bad alternative actually. I had a party on Saturday night and drank about a litre of soda water! I enjoyed some good conversation and woke up feeling on track and full of energy on Sunday. I have started the habit of taking my supplements and haven’t missed yet. I think it really has been an advantage in talking about this and preparing for this about 1 month out so I have been mentally ready for the grief I am getting from some of my more liberal living friends!

Things I am going to have to manage:

  • A lower back that has been a little stiff and troublesome over the past 10 months since the last Bridge to Brisbane! Need to factor in Pilates for preventative care and I have regular massage booked and a really good osteopath on stand by.
  • Organisational ability. I have lived a very reactive life at times in the past. I have spoken about routine in previous blogs so training myself to be organised is going to be critical.
  • My immune system. It is traditionally a time of year when colds and flus strike many of us down. I am assuming all this clean living will lead to a strong immune system.

So this is an experiment on myself and I have a few of you along for the ride. If you want to check progress, I have put a link below to the website I  set up to record all the happenings over this coming perfect month.

For me, it is about improving water intake, getting more consistent with my training, planning and eating a higher protein diet, reducing sugar intake, cutting out alcohol and caffeine, taking targeted supplements to help with a ‘thrive’ mentality as opposed to ‘avoid sickness’ mindset.  I will be judging success by aesthetic change, how mentally calm I feel, what my blood test results tell me and then how these personal changes help those around me. Are you in? After all you are part of my experiment. Do as I do AND as I say and all that!

If you want to see what happens, click on the link below and over the course of July you will find updates of photos, video and all the tools used to make the changes. You can even set your own goals and commit to your very own version of a perfect July and join me. Remember if nothing changes…well, nothing changes. Why not make this July something different?

Perfect July Website

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