Our training philosophy in a nutshell

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How should you train? Interval sessions, long distance cardio, heavy weights, cross fit, pilates, yoga? How does it all fit in if I am trying to achieve great body change results or even a maintainable exercise regime.

Let’s get this straight from the get go. First, the best program in the world is, [drum roll] wait for it……”the one you actually do consistently”. You may have heard me say that before but it is true. Most people don’t exercise consistently. If you are achieving this, kudos to you.

But if you want to know our philosophy and what the ultimate goal should be read on:

First simply do something [but don’t hurt yourself], second build a base from which you can launch in to more challenging movements – pilates and core training is usually a good start. Next build up some cardio fitness because being able to ‘do stuff’ with out dying aerobically is just useful when it comes to being able to hang out with friends and enjoy random activities. It means you can participate well in life.

After this build towards progressive strength training which means aiming to either hold on to or build muscle to both burn fat and change shape. Hint: both mean lifting heavy weights [relative to what you can handle – you will need help with this on]. Once you have a handle on that then look at the high intensity interval style training to help build during and post exercise metabolism [critical to burning body fat]. The reason this one comes at the end is that you will need a base to handle it with out injuring yourself. Some of these exercise methods can be done simultaneously if managed right – that’s what we do 🙂

When you are satisfied with where you are at is the time when you can mix it up in no particular order. You will have mastered your metabolism and can likely get away with any type of exercising modality with good results on your body. This should be the goal of any exercise/change program. The holy grail so to speak.

So as Summer starts to rear it’s head think ‘base and build’. If you haven’t been exercising lately, then the body of your dreams may have to wait until next Summer. But if you do it right this time, you will no longer think like this and all Summers will be just another time to feel good with less clothes. If you need a kickstart that could lead to the ‘holy grail’  check out this program!

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