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Our Coaches (old)

Sally Bestmann
Bachelor of Sports Sciences

James Cook University

I grew up in a small town in Far North Queensland and from as far back as I can remember I have always engaged in sport or some kind of physical activity. I was always encouraged to be active and healthy and that’s where I believe my love for health and fitness stemmed from. One of my greatest achievements was being part of a team of two and participating in the 140km Great Wheelbarrow Race (yes, we ran pushing a wheelbarrow for 140km). I am very passionate about health and fitness and began learning more when I completing a certificate III in fitness during high school. This small insight into the world of health, fitness and helping others really encouraged me to pursue further education. I complete a Bachelor of Sport and Exercise Science at James Cook University in Cairns which I graduated from in 2016.

In January 2017, I moved to Brisbane and began my professional career at Best Practice Personal Training. I am continuing to grow and learn new skills whilst also expanding my knowledge base. Whilst at Best Practice Personal Training, I have completed the level 1 Precision Nutrition Coaching Certification. As a coach at Best Practice, I want to be there step by step with you and help to inspire and coach you to achieve your goals.

Educational Background: Certificate III in Fitness, Bachelor of Sport and Exercise Science (JCU), Level 1 Precision Nutrition Coaching Certification
Future Ambitions: Sports and Exercise Science & Nutrition Coaching. Furthering my knowledge in both fields and working with clients in rehabilitation, personal training and with sporting teams.
Hobbies: Running, hiking and hanging out with friends and family
Travels: I have travelled to the UK, Europe, New Zealand, Indonesia and of course Australia. I hope to visit many more places in my lifetime.
Favourite Food: Ahhh everything!….Well I do love a good thai curry.
Favourite Book:  Series of Unfortunate Events

Bachelor of Exercise Physiology 2016,

Queensland University of Technology.

Having not really been active in primary school, I found a love for Physical Activity in High School. After building my confidence and fitness levels, I decided to compete which was a big step for me personally. I have competed in Bodybuilding once and Powerlifting numerous times. My greatest achievement would be representing Australia at the World and Oceania Championships at Texas and Singapore respectively. Having learnt the great benefits of exercise while studying at University, I am passionate in helping others reach their goals.

Educational background: Bachelor of Clinical Exercise Physiology (QUT)
Future Ambitions: To expand my knowledge in the Strength & Conditioning field as well as
exercise physiology to best benefit the people I work with.
Hobbies: Training and competing in Powerlifting as well as Cooking
Travels: Malaysia, Singapore, Korea, Thailand, Cambodia, USA
Favourite food: I would have to say Burgers!
Favourite book: Conscious Coaching by Brett Bartholomew

Bachelor Exercise & Sport Science

University of Queensland

I have a strong background in sports growing up and love to find a new fitness challenge. Currently I’m focusing on getting back to netball and sailing, but my next challenge is to complete a 2.6km Open Ocean Swim. Recently I have sustained a serious knee injury and have become interested in the physical and mental process of the rehabilitation that follows, understanding from a personal view how hard it can be to keep going. As a result I want to implement my personal knowledge of rehab and my knowledge and passion of sports and fitness from a performance view into my training.

Educational background: Certificate III & IV of Fitness, 4th year of a Bachelor Exercise and Sport Science (UQ)
Future Ambitions: Exercise and Sport Science & working everyone from rehabilitation to personal training and professional sports teams
Hobbies: Netball, Windsurfing & Swimming
Travels: I have travelled to England, Scotland & New Zealand. I hope to travel around Europe at the end of the year
Favourite food: Beef teriyaki stir fry
Favourite book: The Bourne Trilogy by Robert Ludlam

Julia Hindmarsh admin assistant at Best Practice

Julia Hindmarsh
Bachelor of Exercise and Movement Science & Bachelor of Health Science (Public Health)

University of Queensland

Julia joined the team in February 2015 as an administrative assistant/personal assistant. She has a background in Exercise Science and Public Health and loves being active and learning new skills. After graduating from the Queensland University of Technology midway through 2014, she went to Canada to volunteer at an animal shelter and travel for 5 months, and upon arriving home she found a spot in the Best Practice family. Considering her background in Exercise Science, she is hoping to take up a personal training role on top of her administrative role. She also does fitness testing and training with the students at Villanova College, is a Child Facilitator for the Parenting, Eating & Activity for Child Health Queensland program and plays netball for Queensland Catholic Netball Association.

Educational background: Bachelor of Exercise and Movement Science & Bachelor of Health Science (Public Health)
Future ambitions: To be involved in developing and delivering health promotion projects/programs at a community level
Hobbies: Playing netball and dining with friends
Travels: United States of America, Japan, Bali, Canada and a few tropical islands in the Pacific Ocean
Favourite foods: Spaghetti dishes and fruit
Favourite book: Bridge to Terabithia by Katherine Paterson