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We focus on Safe, High-Quality Fitness Training delivered by University Qualified Coaches, in a Holistic Way to Maximise your Results.

Best Practice Personal Training has been operating since 2005 in Brisbane, Australia. This fact alone stands out as the average personal trainer (according to industry stats) lasts about 9 months in the industry after becoming ‘qualified’. Also, most personal training studios, in fact over 90%, do not make it to 10 years. Not trying to be cocky, but I guess we are doing something right! I won’t lie, Covid knocked us around for sure but we are still here and with renewed vigor too and a strong focus on personal training online going forward.

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$ 99
  • Nutrition Coaching Or Personal Training Support. Personal In App Feedback
  • Weekly Personal Email Feedback
  • Monthly Zoom Meeting with Coach


$ 299
  • Same Features As Gold. Includes Nutrition Coaching And Personal Training Support
  • And 1 Monthly Personal Training Zoom Session with Live Feedback
  • Weekly Zoom Meeting with Coach


$ 499
  • Same Features As Platinum
  • 1 Weekly Personal Training Zoom Session
  • Online My Zone Group Training Access
It has been a really good combination of keeping me focussed on all the things I need to be really healthy including strength, flexibility and cardio fitness. It has been very convenient.
Dr Linda Williams

Equipment You'll Need to
Train From Home


This is in fact especially for you! We find out where you are at and then build from that point towards YOUR goals, not ours.

As part of a 12 week minimum recommended commitment we will do an initial 1 hour individual assessment of where you are at and make sure the exercises you do are right for your current abilities.

The sessions can be as hard as you want them to be. The coach is not going to be shouting at anybody to ‘go harder’. He or she will be encouraging but don’t expect the drill sargeant or artificial high fiving and the stuck on impossible smiling thing 🙂 Don’t know about you but I hate that! There are many fitness businesses already that do that, we prefer down to earth, real without the razzamatazz.

You will need a solid internet connection for Zoom. An Exercise Mat or a comfortable floor. Your own body. You will be surprised at how you can improve your overall strength using specific exercises to improve your core, balance and mobility.

  1. A convenient place with in your home where you won’t disturb anyone else
  2. A bracket for your phone pointed at you so you can see the coach as well as he/she can see you. A big screen connection to the phone would be even better. Good audio will help as well. A set of unobtrusive blue tooth headphones/earbuds would be idea.
  3. A full gym set up, whilst it would be very cool to have is not necessary. But for an improved set up from just body weight and no equipment, check out the video on this page – Home Gym With Limited Equipment.
  4. Optional purchase of My Zone which is a heart rate and effort tracking technology that is a big part of our accountability systems.

Yes absolutely. There are basically 2 general options for this service. Nutrition Coaching only and Nutrition Coaching and Exercise Training (with 2 different levels of support). 

It will depend on how much support you would like. See the table on this page for a breakdown of the different levels.

Heart Rate & Effort Tracking....Remotely!

Both our personal training and small group training online utilise this technology and My Zone as a training tool is strongly recommended beyond even how we utilise it.

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I'm Interested In Online Personal Training. Please Phone Me Or Set Up A Zoom Meeting To Discuss How This Works!