In our quest for better service I would like to remind you of  our new heart rate effort monitoring system called My Zone which we have already installed and are upgrading soon [new permanent screens in all 3 rooms which will optionally display your heart rate when you walk in the door].

Technology is one of those things that just keeps coming at us and it is wise not to fight it! Some of it can confuse and some of it is supremely helpful. My Zone falls in to the latter category. Some of you already have the belt and are using it well. It is a great tool for us when we train you, especially in computrainer. Just make sure that you log on regularly and view how you are going, both in terms of sessions achieved each month and the quality [read: intensity] of your sessions. If there is something consistently being preached now in fitness, it is the value of intensity. But remember, I am talking about ‘relative’ intensity for you. You have to listen to your body and not push it beyond it’s means. Ask it some serious questions for sure but remember that post last week about being sensible and recovery is just as important as the stimulus of training.

I would like to let you know about another system I have been working on integrating now for some time. It is called Virtuagym. It is very very useful and we are close to opening up to you. Here is a page that tells you a bit more about it and short video intro. This system is going to be a big part of our support  and coaching strategy and has some fantastic features that will really help everybody but especially those who have less face to face contact with us. It has great tools for programming, creating community, setting challenges and nutritional plans. There will be varying levels of support and input from us via this platform depending on your membership level.

Rest assured I am working tirelessly in the background to make what we do better but sometimes these new additions take longer than I would like!

Just to summarise our services and new direction (with the gym) so you can tell your friends and family, check  below.


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