I was going to write something on this but the link below tells it all better than I could. If you are wondering about saturated fat, olive oil, transfats and the amazing health benefits of coconut oil you should go to this site to listen, read and take note. This guy may plug a product or two but it seems to be very genuine and he certainly appears to be in full agreement with other credible sources. 

But before you leave this page to go to the link ponder this – I was thinking the other day about how to make decisions on ‘stuff’ in general 

This is how I do it.

I read from a wide variety of sources and the higher quality the beter, e.g. The journal of clinical nutrition is likely to be more trustworthy than New Idea! Secondly I defer to what most research believes to be the ‘truth’ and then lastly I keep an open mind. Just remember that the prevailing thought of the day when Roger Bannister broke the 4 minute mile was that a humans legs would shatter at that pace! The guys in the white coats aren’t always right!

oils aint oils, Dr Mercola