Okay, you’ve got a great fitness plan for 2011.

Great! So what is next?

Two things actually. Sorry to state the obvious but number is 1….. Start! Plans are good but action is better.

Number 2 is your nutrition. You can’t out train the bad diet. Period.

So what is good nutrition?. Here is a quick and dirty summary and an example.

You must have breakfast. It is the most important meal of the day because it kickstarts your metabolism and prevents you from eating that muffin or birthday cake  at work for ‘Kate’ from Accounting’s birthday.

Try a boiled egg on the grainiest bread you can find. Throw in some smoked salmon and chopped tomatoes and rocket lettuce. If you are in a hurry, a high quality whey protein and low fat milk will do when you are in pinch. Add some berries for a great hit of anitioxidants.

Don’t leave it too long between meals. Again, if you don’t eat regularly you will end up grabbing something very average, e..g vending machine ‘food’! So have a tub of low fat yoghurt or a peice of fruit at around 11.

Get yourself some lunch okay? Bring your tuna salad if you are really sorted or if you absolutely have to grab takeaway get a six inch sub but the leanest version you can, e.g. turkey and salad. Leave off the high fat sauces.

You are on a roll now and the afternoon dip is coming. Bob your work colleague has the endless supply of lollies he doesn’t mind sharing, you know that…. But instead, you grab a small handful of almonds. Excellent, crisis avoided.

Now for dinner. It lies in your hands as your partner is relying on you. Best case scenario: You have thought ahead of time what Tuesday night’s dinner will be and have shopped for it already on Sunday. If this is the case you are happily putting together some lean meat, a lot of mixed vegetables and some fresh herbs for great flavour. You have some brown rice ready to go which adds fibre, hopefully putting you up to the 30 grams per day recommended by health authorities for optimal internal health and prevention of  bowel cancer.

As it is the real world, you may have a glass of red wine with your meal. Remember that one standard serve is equivalent to 10 grams of alcohol which is approximately 100-120ml of wine depending on alcohol content of the particular wine.

If this was your average day you are doing pretty well. Now all you need to do is throw in that killer exercise program, measure your progress regularly and adjust the calorie equation where necessary. Good nutrition for fat loss is not super complex but you do have to be organised and think a little about how you are going to put it together.

Remember you can’t out train a bad diet. Here’s to your fittest year ever in 2011.

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