New Years Resolutions. A waste of time?

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I know I have given New Year’s Resolutions (NYR’s) a hard time in the past but I saw a really cool movie the other night which may be changed my mind a little. There is no doubt that many lies are told at 11.59am on the 31st of December. Let’s face it, alcohol and nostalgia can be a heady mix. But at the risk of going all Bill Collins or David & Margaret on you, I would like to tell you some insights I had when watching a 5 star movie (AG rating system) called “New Year’s Eve”, the other night.

Down on herself and excruciatingly timid city worker, Ingrid (played by an excellent Michelle Pfieffer) decided it was time to change her life on New Years Eve at about 3pm. The thing I really loved about her character was her determination to ACT on her list and employ the help she needed to get it done. She had a seemingly impossible list of things to achieve before the day/year ended. She employed a suitably motivated motorcycle courier played by Zac Effron to ‘use his imagination’ to help her realise her goal of ‘really living life’ perhaps for the first time. You will have to see the movie to see what I mean. It really is a fun and moving journey with many stars and yes a little cliched at times.

I loved the overall theme in the movie however, which was the notion that the chance is always there for a new beginning at the end of each year. How true it is. But I believe that New Years Eve has that universal ability to bring our focus back to the things in life that make us sparkle. I liken it a little to the game of tennis. The beauty of tennis is that you start at zero and on a level playing field with your opponent, after every game and every set. The chance is always there to get better from the game before. Life is like this. It is unfortunate that we don’t live everyday like this because when you focus on the present and really live in the moment, magic can happen.

Perhaps it is time for you on this New Year to remind yourself of that and be like Michelle Pfeiffer’s character Ingrid. Identify what you really want to do and then take massive and purposeful action to achieve it. Don’t be scared to ask for the help you might need to make this a reality. Make 2012 your year for finally living the life you want. If you believe you only get one shot at this thing called life then time is of the essence!

So, my revised opinion is that NYR’s aren’t a waste of time if you make them (when lucid and capable of insightful thinking) and THEN pursue them with all your heart. Every one gets a chance at a new beginning, every moment of everyday, all it takes is thought and action. Over to you.

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