Firstly let me apologise if you are receiving this and feel you shouldn’t. We have changed over database management systems and are automatically updating our list of clients, exclients and people who have put their hand up as interested in what we do. If this is not you or it is you and you don’t wish to get this update simply unsubscribe and you will have peace in your inbox! Although maybe we might say something useful or provide something interesting. That is indeed our intention. For those of you who physically come to train with us you will be receiving a hardcopy newsletter of latest news and useful information in your actual letter box. Let me know if you didn’t get yours. It is going to come monthly and these updates via email will be the same unless we think too much happens from week to week for you to have to wait the month. This automatic update to you is known as an RSS feed from our end for those technically minded. But remember you can always unsubscribe! If you are an active client you should be signed up to our log in diary. Let me know if that isn’t happening for you. Hope this finds you all well. Posts from now on will be a bit more succinct. Just wanted to let you know what is happening!

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