Are you tired of self help gurus like Anthony Robbins shouting at you to awaken the giant within or guys like the ever happy Martin Seligman telling you about his authentic happiness?

I say don’t get tired, I say start listening because your brain really can be shaped by you like a piece of clay and the object you end up with could be a masterpiece of breathtaking beauty open to all posibilities or a dull looking inanimate rock set in its ways. The choice is literally yours.

Did you know that brain injury victims, who have had the speech centre of their brain destroyed can often ‘fire up’ other parts of the brain to take over that role. Researchers are now discovering just how ‘plastic’ the brain is, that new connections are constantly being formed depending on experiences of the brain owner! Thanks to the science of the functional MRI thoughts can now be ‘seen’ in the brain proving that you literally are what you think.

The advances in technology have allowed scientists for the first time to see just how alive the brain is and how so much of the old school positive thinking movement is being confirmed now by hard science.

‘Nothing is neither good nor bad but thinking makes it so’ ‘fake it till you make it’, ‘will yourself to success’.

These aren’t just philosophical laments of wishful thinkers or philosophical fools. They are literal instructions to shape the brain. Everyone knows somebody who can turn around seemingly negative events and really make the most of them and conversely we all those who do the exact opposite. There can be no doubt that the most joyous and fun people to be around have a certain way about them and you can be sure that this tied in to how they think or how they have trained themselves to think. It is true that some people were born with a tendency to be a certain way but just about anything can be learnt if you want it bad enough.

Why do you think Tiger Woods gets back on the driving range and putting surface after he has won (or not won) another major? He understands that the neural pathways of the perfect swing will not get stronger with out continual practice. You see, learning a motor skill like golf is exactly the same as learning a ‘thinking’ skill like ‘being positive’ or ‘being creative’ or ‘being resilient’. You have got to do it ALOT before it becomes second nature. Let’s face it, there are some modes of thinking that are helpful to us and some that are just plain damaging. It makes sense to practice the good ones.

So don’t be afraid to keep reading self help books. I believe that the more you see this stuff the more it becomes ingrained and natural. Surround yourself with beauty and you will soon become beautiful and practice, practice practice. We are nothing if we are not continually learning.