Motivation. It is an interesting subject. I can tell you though, that it is something you are going to have to manage well, if you are ever going to achieve to a life long approach to health and fitness.

Perhaps if I share what I use,  maybe you can borrow something from that or better still just copy what I do and join me in all the fun? I missed a few of you on the weekend for the Brisbane to Gold Coast ride, which was amazingly good fun and with the training of computrainer under my belt, surprisingly comfortable. I had never ridden more than about 28k on our affectionately named bike session, ‘compudeath’ but the few sessions I have been doing were easily enough preparation. I work on the 1 to 3 principle now. 1 hour of compu is worth 3 hours of outdoor riding. I guarantee a lot of you who thought you would have had trouble would have killed it. Next year I want you there! Look out for the best practice jersey. Three guesses as to what colour it might be.

A calendar of events to give focus to my training next year is below.  One of my goals is to get way more of you involved in these types of events. I would like a bit more company in doing this stuff because that is one of the things that makes this whole thing easier, training buddies. This is one of the concepts behind Best Practice and Sweat to try and make fitness just a part of your life – if you can be an influence on  those around you to help them help you keep moving, then expect to be happier and be surrounded by happier people. Just check our smiles out in the photo for proof!

Next year calendar:

Okay who is with me!??