I had a potential client ask me how do I find this? My first reaction was to say that you need to find this yourself but soon realised that I hadn’t actually helped. I then started looking for different information around this subject and found that there was plenty about how to maintain it or strategies at least to maintain it, AFTER you had started. There was not much on how to get started.

Here’s my angle on it.

The word motivate has it’s origins in latin – ‘motare’ or ‘motivus’, meaning to shake or stir. I think the starting point for finding your motivation is to find a quiet place and think (really think) about what moves you on an emotional level when you consider your health and fitness. Often times it is to do with people around you. Is there a reason why you would like to be able to be there for somebody else and may be not only just, ‘be there’ but also be useful/fun/inspiring/attractive/healthy (fill in what ever term means something to you)  to them and or to yourself?

My motivation was to be good at sport because (rightly or wrongly) that is how I defined myself. It also fits with the ‘story’ I developed about life that says being athletic, active, capable, sporty, adventurous and functionally useful, are qualities that make life worth living. That works for me because it is a constant and is always nagging away at me when I have more than a few days in a row of not really being active. It is kind of like the fibre of who I am starts to break down which is motivation enough to take action. Fortunately there are enough active things I love doing for this not to be a chore. But yeah we all get a bit lazy from time to time.

My advice is to make a connection with how you want to be when you are older. I don’t care if you are motivated by something that scares you and makes you want to get away from it  or by something that attracts you and drives you forward. Use both but  just make sure you use stuff that gives you shivers and arouses passion in your very soul. Before you know it you will lifting weights, surfing waves, running hills, climbing mountains, hitting tennis balls or doing back flips. Grasp it with both hands folks, life is a ride and I have feeling you would like to make it exciting.

And for those who would like to read an interesting and intelligent article on motivation. Check this out and let me know what you think.