I guess you have heard somewhere along the line that we only use 10% of our brains. Was it Einstein that said that? Or was it really a misquoted statement from William James, one of the so called fathers of modern psychology. It doesn’t matter I suppose but something that I think we can all agree upon is that the mind can be a supportive ally or a self destructive enemy.

At Best Practice we like to emphasize the importance of ‘how you think’. If you can harness your motivation you can achieve anything. If there has been one factor that has stood out from those who have achieved great things and those who never quite got it, it is this.

One of the ways smart people learn is by watching others who are doing well. Case in point the Okinawans of Japan. In this super interesting article, inspirational author Craig Weller looks at the importance of find meaning in our lives. You will enjoy this one.

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