Mobile Personal Training
We Come To You!

Whether at home, or in the park, our fitness expert will meet you there!

Save Travel Time

The convenience of not having to leave home is the main reason our clients love our Mobile PT Solutions.

Stay Motivated

Everything you love about being trained personally without having to leave the comfort of your own home! Our coaches (as we prefer to call ourselves) will keep you on track, both when we are there and when we aren't with our unique support systems.

Train Safely

One on one with an expert personal trainer who will correct your form, and modify your movements to suit your fitness level.

"The convenience of having a trainer come to me is huge. I am super busy and it is one less thing I 'have to get to'. It is also great to have Best Practice in particular come out because I know they are very experienced and professional. They all are university qualified and the fact that they have15+ years in the business has to say something. It is well worth the investment for me. As they say if you lose a well functioning body, where else are you going to live?!"
Dr Graeme Macdonald

Below is a gym setup at one of our clients homes. You don't have to have anything as elaborate but it doesn't hurt if you do have this kind of space and set up.


This is decided on a case by case basis. Training in your home is perhaps the most expensive way to hire us because there is travel time to be included in the cost. It is however the most convenient.

Again this depends on the type of training you would like and what your current level is. We can bring a surprising number of different items but you will save time and cost if you have a comprehensive set up. Having said that, most people just need to keep it simple and have a space available to stretch out and do various movements of the body safely without hitting anything!

The sessions will be designed professionally to meet you where you are at. We will take in to consideration your movement capabilities, current fitness level and your individual goals.

Yes we can and do! Sometimes nutrition coaching is needed when there is a significant fat loss goal. This is a separate service that can be built in to your program. After all, we believe strongly that it is very difficult if not impossible to out train the bad diet.

The personal training sessions (45mins) are $99. We need to to add on travel and set up time to and from your location and this will be discussed when setting up this service. It will vary on the distance to travel and how much equipment you would like us to bring.

This is absolutely fine because it is all about the accountability and the support for you to do what is suggested outside of your time with us.