Just a quick reminder. This Saturday, the 18th is your first measuring day opportunity for the year. Remember it is very difficult to improve what you don’t measure. This free service is open to all active personal training and outdoor group training clients and is an important part of being held accountable. We will track what you want to see change in 2012 including girth measurements, skinfolds/body fat% and or photographic change (there will be a serious prize for the client with the most impressive result this year). We will be presenting the best documented photographic change at our Christmas party in December via big screen slide show to a cracking sound track. Who’s brave enough to step up to the challenge? A public statement that you want to make some serious changes this year and a commitment to tracking that change might be just what you need to make this year your best ever. Usually the larger the stakes the more dramatic the action taken. That is just how psychology works. Use that quirk of human nature to your advantage!

To be eligible we need 6 months of photos taken by us and this Saturday will be a great opportunity to get your first one. Let us know if you would like to be involved and or that you will be attending the BBQ by filling in the form below. The BBQ is open to all members of Best Practice after the measuring is completed at approximately 11.30am. Bring any friends and family and receive a special free 1 week pass to the gym assuming they are not already members.

See you Saturday!

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