Hi, coming in to this new year I am always keen to see what we can do better as a business. My biggest thing in coaching is knowing what has been happening with you our clients since we saw you last. Let’s face it, even if we saw you every day for 1 hour there is still approximately another 96% of your time in which you can either do things to help your cause or hinder it!

One new system that we are integrating with existing clients and making part of every new clients program is called My Zone.

I have been test driving My Zone over the Christmas break and it is seriously addictive. This is how it works. I wear the heart rate monitor strap every time I do a workout either at the gym or elsewhere. Every time I come with in 20 metres of the Best Practice My Zone console…. voila my workouts download directly to my own web page and sends me an email too. It adds information that tells me how many calories I burnt (think of this as an intensity indicator because we all know calories aren’t necessary calories!), my average heart rate % of my max and also how many my zone points I accumulated. I get a running total of all this info for the week, month and year. I know that a solid work out is 120-150 points and so now I have a way to keep myself in the right intensity mode because we all know intensity counts, research is telling us that more and more. But even if intensity isn’t in the right zone all the time, the accumulation of the number of ‘moves’ made is a very positive thing – 3-6 per week is good. For those who are a little on the OTT side, I will be emphasising an optimal point load and not always that  ‘more is better’.

Expect to see the screen in the studio, the gym and the computrainer whilst we decide where it will live. I already have 4 clients ‘belted’ up and accumulating points (hopefully). The screen displays everyone’s intensity WHILST training which means HONEST training! Scary I know but remember that ‘accountability’ thing. You will get load of this from us!

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