Magnesium – How much? What foods?

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Magnesium has been found to be involved in over 300 enzyme actions in the body and is thus considered very important. It is found widely in both plant and animal sources including the following foods:  Green vegetables, legumes, peas, beans and nuts, and some shellfish and spices. Most unrefined cereals are reasonable sources, but highly refined flours,  fruits, oils and fats contribute little. There is evidence that low magnesium in the body may cause insulin resistance which means it could be a precursor to diabetes. The recommended range depending on who you believe for adult males and females is between 320 – 420 mg. 

Here is a day of eating with a good amount of magnesium and good choices in general. 1 bowl all bran (138mg) with skimmed milk, 1 kiwi fruit and 4 medium strawberries, Grain roll (24mg) with avocado, tuna, tomato, rocket, tabouleh and capers, Skimmed latte (31mg), 30g almonds (78mg) and 3 apricot halves, Brown rice with sesame seeds (84mg), Grilled chicken breast (57mg) with soy and lemon dressing, ¼ cup sautéed mushrooms in ½ tbsp sesame oil and veggie stock, ½ cup steamed spinach. That all sounds pretty doable!

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