I am often asked how much exercise is enough. Is it 30 minutes a day as the QLD government are currently promoting? Or is squeezing 3 sessions a week enough to be fit as the World Health Organisation used to say? The question needs clarifying. Enough exercise for what?

When we get our head around the idea that sitting a desk is not normal living, that driving a car everywhere and riding lifts and elevators is not that good for us in the long run we will understand that every little thing we can do to move more is helpful to a better life. If food was hard to get a hold of, energy saving would make a lot of sense. But as we are living in an era where there is a whole research field dedicated to the physiology of inactivity it is worth considering how to increase your activity levels in general. It is indeed possible to nullify 3 x 30 minute solid sessions of exercise by being sedentary for the other  165.5 hours in the week. Not surprising when you put those numbers out there.

So the lesson for this week is, increase your movement in little ways but everyday. Park your car further away from the shops or even walk there. Use the stairs at work instead of the lift. Get off the bus or the train a stop early. Lose the remote control for everything. You get the idea. Modern living is funny. We now have to have regular breaks from sitting down. In the past we had to have a break from a more physically demanding existence. I believe a little regression could be a very good thing for a world that seems to have forgotten how good it feels to work our muscles that were put there for a reason.

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