Look Good Naked?

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We talk a lot about functional strength, useful fitness, diabetes defeating cardio training, osteoporosis crushing (actually the opposite of that!) strength training here at ‘Best Practice Personal Training’.  

But let’s not forget that even though we know its more about how you feel, there is an element, even if it is a little hidden, that responds to this kind of archetypal fitness industry headline, right? 

Don’t worry there is no one naked on the video link, just a good demonstration of an exercise that will help you function better, likely reduce back pain if done under close supervision and yes perhaps lead to a good outcome when the gear comes off 🙂 Summer is coming!!!!! Sorry had to throw that in there for old time’s sake. 

Pay close attention to the technique here with this video as this exercise has the potential to either really help or really hinder you. Also just to pique your curiosity a bit more, this exercise is a step that is often missed when people are inadvertently thrown in to doing kettle bell swings when they really shouldn’t. Again, I don’t like to play the exercise police but getting injured is the one big thing you need to avoid if you are going to get to the holy grail of forming an exercise habit for life, which is the ultimate goal. 

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Your Lifestyle Has Consequences

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